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Mikey Dentino Laser Name Tag

Motivation: My primary motivation for the design of my name tag was that I wanted to reflect my love for video games. Because of this I thought what better character to use than Kirby, which was the first game series I ever played.

Build Process: I got my initial concept pretty quickly, so I first went into ClipStudioPaint (An art program I regularly use) and made the following image.

The font I used was a font similar to the one used in the Kirby games so it could fit the overall theme of the peice.

After I created this outline I went into Inkscape to format it for the laser cutter. I ran into a couple issues while doing this, because initially what I wanted to do was to have the name tag in the shape of Kirby’s outline. However after almost an hour of struggling in Inkscape I decided to change the shape of the name tag to an oval. The shape can be seen below.

After I cut out the wood I knew I wanted to add some kind of fluff or fuzz to the hat, to reflect how it looks in the game. As you can see I ended up taking a small ball of fluff and glued it to the wood where the end of the hat would be. I also tried adding fluff to other parts of the hat, however when i laid it out it ended up covering up parts of my name. The only problem I ended up having was I might have applied too much glue since the fluff ball in my final product isn’t as fluffy as I would have ultimately liked it. I thought the name tag still looked kinda of bland so I ended up adding color to make the name tag pop out more. This can be seen in the final product below.

I decided to make the oval completely black since I wanted the focus of the name tag to be on the sleepy Kirby. Finally I used some colored pencil to add color to Kirby, reflecting his in game colors as closely as I could. Unfortunately I had a few mishaps during this process as you can see with small smudge outside one of the eyes and some ink bleeding out of the letters.

Reflection: Overall I’m happy with how my name tag turned out even though it deviated slightly from my original idea. In the future I want to prevent little mishaps like the ink smudging, potentially by using pencil throughout or trying out paint. Also I might be interesting to look into other ways to adhere different materials together.

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