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Mikey Dentino Copper Tape Assignment

Inspiration: My inspiration for this project was once again video games. I decided to base my design around the famous quote from Legend of Zelda “It is dangerous to go alone, take this”. Furthermore I loosely modeled my piece around the cave you get your sword in the very first Legend of Zelda game.

Build Process: My build process was tricky at first but I slowly figured it out as I progressed. My initial idea was to have two red lights behind a piece of paper to roughly simulate the light of a flame. To do this at first i setup the circuit as seen below.

While the circuit worked properly, I failed to take into account that I wanted the lights to be pointing up and on a wall. Every time I tried setting it up with the circuit in this fashion caused the lights to turn off because the battery would slide out of place. To fix this I first rough out my overall scene and then translated the circuit to that new shape.

After I fixed this problem the rest of the build process went quite smoothly. I folded another piece of white paper over the circuits to create the flame light effect of the lights. After that I created a small sword out of construction paper and made another circuit on the flat sheet of construction paper using one light and a switch. The final product with the light on and and off can be seen below.

Reflection: Overall I think the piece turned out pretty well. Through the build process I learned i should test out my final product shape first before I start building because in this instance I had to almost completely redo my circuit because I didn’t take the final shape into account. Also In terms of what I’d do differently in this project specifically is find a darker color paper for the walls to make the light stand out even more and to reflect the scene that inspired me more closely.

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