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Layered Sticker Project – David He

Motivation and Initial Designs

Choosing the Design

While I initially decided to use the design I had set aside from last week (seen below), I quickly realized that converting it to a vinyl sticker would take 7 layers, all of which had to be different shade of the same color since I intended for it to be monochromatic. Since the lab did not have access to 7 layers of monochromatic vinyl, I decided to shelve the idea again.

The Original Icon

Instead, I decided to use another patch I had previously designed for one of my engineering teams a year prior – a parody of the famous Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks experimental team, modified with the UIUC mascot of a squirrel:

The ‘Squirrel Works” Logo

By simplifying the brown parts to dark orange, and dark brown/black parts to dark blue, I could reduce the required layers to 4, allowing for a simplified vinyl sticker.

The four-layer version of the squirrel works logo

Build Process and Modification

The build started off relatively normal, with me placing four vinyl patches in 2×2 pattern consisting of dark blue, dark orange, white, and salmon.

After the cutting began, however, I realized that a 4″x4″ was a rather small surface to cut on, especially given the details of my logo. However, instead of stopping the cut and moving to a bigger canvass, I decided to continue and use whatever practice I could. The result was a relatively small logo, although the details turned out better than I expected.

When peeling off the excess, I noticed that small details and patches – particularly around the letters, would sometimes stick to the excess as it was lifted up. I decided to proceed by peeling the excess off first, and then cut off the necessary bits stuck to it using an X-ACTO knife and a flathead screwdriver to nudge and modify the pieces back into place:

Using the X-ACTO knife to reattach pieces that stuck to the excess vinyl. Note the incomplete ‘S’ and ‘Q’ and ‘L’ in the background.

This process of reattaching and modifying the small details extended my work time by approximately two hours, yet once I was done the sticker looked relatively whole:

The final ‘Squirrel Works’ sticker. Transfer tape got a bit of dust stuck to it.

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