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Laser Nametags Project – Mohammed Faiz Patangia


I never did laser printing, so I was very excited to do it for the first time. My goal was to create a name-tag that can be used in career fairs. I wanted it to be a bit different from the existing name tags, and I also wanted it to be simple, but detailed.

Current name-tag

The name-tag that I currently use in the career fair is very simple, consists of my name, my standing, and my major. It does not tell anything more about me. For the new Nametag, I decided to add some more details, so that a recruiter can get a idea about the skills/interests.


I thought about not making it very complicated, and keeping it simple. If I would add a lot of complexity to it, then it would be very difficult for a person to read the most basic information about me, such as name, graduation year, and major. So, I decided to make my basic information as a main focus, and additional information to be the secondary focus.

Initial Design

The first design of the name-tag had just my name, graduating year, and my major. These information was kept as a central focus of the name-tag. Later, I decided to add some of my skills and interests to the name-tag. I pulled out my resume, and picked some skills and interests to place on my name-tag. These are some of the information that I placed on my name-tag:

  • Programming Languages: C++, Python, Java
  • Skills/Interests: Data Structures, UI/UX, HCI, AI, Linux OS, GitHub, etc.
Second Design

This was the second design for name-tag. The left three pictures denote: (from top to bottom) Python, C++, and Java. The picture at the top denote: (from left to right): Data Structures, UX/UI, HCI, and AI. The right three picture denote: (from top to bottom): Linux OS, Design thinking, and GitHub. The bottom most, of course, logo of the university.

After designing the name-tag, I thought about the color of it. I decided to make it classic by going with the black-white combination.

My name-tag in making:

Final Name-tag and Reflection:

Final Nametag

This was my final name-tag. It turned out to be amazing, and I was very happy with the outcome. All images, denoting my skills and interests, were very small, so I thought that the laser would not be able to print it with precision. However, I was amazed by the precision; all printed images were perfect, and showed all small details. I loved the entire experience, from designing the name-tag to printing it. I created a name-tag that was a very mini version of my resume. The end result was great, and all the efforts and hours spent in creating it was worth it.

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