My initial design that ended up being the look I carried on

Build Process

Most of the initial design for this project I was able to do within lab on the first day. After being introduced to Inkscape, I was able to take some elements from various icons online and create a design that incorporated both my name and two images.

For the first print-out, I just placed this object in a file where the coffin would be raster and there would be a vector box around it that would get cut out. After seeing that in-person I decided to ramp up my design by adding vector cut lines around the coffin. I also decided to cut out the ‘bottom’ of the coffin as well and place the whole thing on acrylic. From there I got two-tone acrylic to work with so that my raster lines would be very clear in the final product. When cutting that out with the Epilog I created some small fires within the laser printer that kind of scorched my name tag. I think this was essentially because of the bottom piece getting cut out, but maybe changing my cutting settings would have also affected this.

My final two-tone product being cut

After finishing with that, I then cut out another piece of acrylic. This time, I used a piece that had a metallic finish on one side. After cutting all of that out, I then superglued the pieces together to create my final product. Lastly, I attached a magnet to the back so that I would be able to wear the name tag. Throughout the entirety of my project I used Inkscape, the Epilog, superglue, and a bar magnet set.


Looking at my final product, I’m mostly pretty happy with my work. I was able to create a name tag using the exact parameters in my head, I think from this point it would just be more of a process of refining what I’ve already done.

I think the two sheets of acrylic give the name tag a really cool sense of variety and depth which I was happy with. I think that it could definitely be cleaned off some more (glue stains worked away, white acrylic cleaned with Tide Pen or something).

Nothing in this project was really exceptionally difficult, but I was able to use a lot of skills that I already know from using image processing software to make a physical product which was really cool. I learned a lot, especially in regards to Inkscape and laser etching/cutting and the process that goes into that.

The front of my final product
The back of my final product