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Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Laser Name Tag – Nicholas Agate

I would like to start off by apologizing for the late assignment, as I got mixed up with the actual due date.

I began this assignment by trying to come up with an idea for the name tag. I have many interests, so I jotted several down and ended up deciding to create an album sleeve and record. I play guitar and love music, which made this an appropriate choice for me. Please see my notes below.

I was originally going to use the guitar shown above, but once I started working with the guitar image in Inkscape, I decided that I wanted to create something a little more involved. Please see the Inkscape guitar below.

The name tag that I actually ended up creating is an album sleeve with a record coming out of it. I used plywood and included the album sleeve, my name, the record, and a vectored hole in the middle of the record. Please see my final name tag below.

The main issue that I encountered was that I originally planned to vector the three sides of the album sleeve and leave the side with the record rastered. Unfortunately I could not find a good way to do this in Inkscape’s “Stroke paint” panel because the whole shape had to have one stroke color. So instead, I surrounded the sleeve and record with a shape that would be vectored.

Although I felt rushed while finishing up this assignment, I am pleased with the way the name tag turned out. I think that the sleeve and record are instantly recognizable. However, if I were to make this name tag again, I would space the outside vector shape a little further away from the sleeve and record. I would also try out a different material such as acrylic. Thank you for reading!