I will preface this post by saying that I, completely forgot about this being due until yesterday. On an ideal day I would have given myself about an hour or two more to fiddle around with materials and design and to generally mess around. As is, I’m probably going to go back and iterate on this design, because I’m not quite happy with it, but oh well.

Anyway, here’s the end result:

… im unsure why this is sideways but i also cant figure out how to fix it right now. sorry.

There are a few very particular things I would like to improve on, probably next time I go back. The most obvious one is that the burning edges was too close to the actual detailing, obscuring some of it. (I know there’s a name for it, and I’m entirely blanking on what it is, but hopefully next time I’ll remember to leave some border space for it.) This is probably also influenced by the fact that I chose a pretty thick piece of wood. I’ll probably choose a thinner one next time and then mix it up with some different types of material. The other is that the entire design feels a bit cluttered. I do like how things are spaced out, but it does feel a touch busy.

There were a couple of specific design choices I made. The first being the choice of wood. I’ve used the laser cutter before, with acrylic, and had a lot of fun with that, but hadn’t done wood before, so I was kind of excited to try it out. Conclusion: I’m still a fan of engraving acrylic, but there’s a particular Look that comes with the charred edges. I’m kind of a fan of it, but maybe not for something that is supposed to have a clean, simple design. Jury is still out on that one.

I, admittedly, panicked under the pressure of “choose something that represents you” and just googled some stuff I thought looked neat, with most of the actual design thought being put into spacing and the like. The exception is the thing in the bottom corner, which is a tattoo from the main character in a video game I’m extremely, extremely fond of. (The Last Of Us, for anyone interested). The downsizing + burning along the edges smudges it some, so its a bit hard to pick out, but I still like how it looks. In general. I like all the things on here- I’m a fan of the swooping, vectory designs of the bird, and also a fan of vine/tree/imagery, from a design perspective. But I think I’ll tack on a couple more video game-related icons, next time, and worry less about “framing” my name, and more about having things on there that matter a bit more to me.

Either way, was still a bigger success than the initial try, during which I misplaced the cutting line and chopped off half of my name. (oops).

Honestly, I would be okay with people calling me Shao but both of my sisters names also start with Shao, so it makes it a little more tricky.

I might update this later once I get the chance to iterate on my design, but still a fun experience overall. Lasers are great.