For the assignment, I downloaded Inkscape on my personal laptop so I could brainstorm and play around with design concepts. I knew I wanted to incorporate my love of traveling. I searched for shapes that were related to travel (airplanes, maps, skylines, etc.) and settled on an image of landmarks on a globe. I did not like some elements of the original image so I was able to select the specific parts after changing the object to an image and selecting paths and deleting them. As well, I wanted to play around with the balance of the name tag. I decided to cut the globe image in half and display them on opposite sides of the name tag. I wasn’t sure how to cut the image in half without having the program and machine raster outside of the lines of the name tag. I asked for help at the lab and was able to cut the image in half using path difference. I also downloaded a unique font that fit nicely with the design. Lastly, I found a really cool black, transparent vinyl material for the name tag.

I expected the raster on my material to be cloudy but I did not expect it to look as apparent as it did. The lasering went smoothly and there were no problems. The only thing I would say is that the name tag turned out to be a lot smaller than I intended but that can easily be fixed in the future. As well, because I chose a dark transparent material, the name tag is more easily read over dark surfaces and a bit hard to see over light surfaces. Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out.