My initial design was related to cooking because that is my favorite thing to do. However, I couldn’t come up with a complex design for it so I changed it to my second favorite thing. The inspiration for this assignment was my love for the city of Seattle. Seattle is my favorite city and my dream is to get a job and start the next chapter of my life there after the graduation. I wanted the clean and chic look for this name tag which is why I chose to use the two-tone acrylic and the Universal laser machine.

My project was going okay until I didn’t know which lines to make it vector or not. I got help from Emile on which parts to make it vector. I forgot to make a border on my name tag but my classmate David reminded me. I ran back and forth to make a border and lines on my name tag.

My final product is really sad because most of parts got burned. The reason why I used black and white two-tone acrylic was to emphasize the beautiful Seattle skyline but I failed. I followed the instruction on the material sheet but I should have used the lower power and higher speed. Next time, I should understand the materials better and adjust the power and the speed of the laser. It was exciting at first when I finished my design. However, I was so sad when I was watching the laser burning my name tag. The process of making the design that is inspired by my dream city went well but I could improve on choosing the better material in the future.