Final Product above

In the first lab section, we were told that we were to make a name tag that captures our personalities. We were then told to make a basic name tag in order to get used to the Inkscape software. Since the name tags were supposed to resonate with our personalities, I decided to make my name tag based around a hobby that I’ve had for as long as I can remember: video games. In this case, I decided to use my favorite video game franchise: Pokémon. For my basic name tag, I went with a pokéball with my name on it.

Basic Name Tag

For the pokéball, I used the Trace Bitmap function of Inkscape on an image of a pokéball and simply added my name to it. I liked the idea of the pokéball for a name tag, but I felt that I needed something a bit more complex for the final submission. After getting some advice, I decided to make myself into a Pokémon card for my name tag.

I initially attempted to use an image of a blank Pokémon card and use the Trace Bitmap function, but the varying colors and edges would not allow the image to work. The next best option was to draw it myself. For the boxes of the card, I simply used the rectangle tool. For the more complex shape surrounding the boxes, I used the free hand tool. I then used the Trace Bitmap function on my Facebook profile picture and placed it in the box in the top half of the card, and added the text using various fonts for the rest of the card.

Final Name Tag

I enjoyed every minute of designing this project, along with printing it using the Epilog laser. I feel that the name tag came out quite well. It demonstrates one of my interests while displaying information such as my full name, school, major and graduation date. It can always be improved, however. I could have added more detail to the background of the card itself, and possible even printed the Pokémon Trading Card Game logo on the back, etc. Overall, I had a positive experience with making these name tags, and look forward to the projects we do in the future with this class.