Joy Shi Paper Circuit

This week in lab session, we learned a bit about circuits, led lights, and resistors. The first project we did was fairly simple. It gave introduction to where I was suppose to put the battery, how to make a switch, and how to layer the copper tape on top of the led light to make it light up.

Simple circuit that introduced the basic concepts of circuits


The second project that was done during the lab section involve us to incorporate a quote. The quote I chose was “see the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” This was a bit more challenging in which you had to use the knowledge of parallel circuits and have everything line up in the exact position you want it to be. In the end it was fun to learn about how parallel circuits worked!

The inside of the quote led light
Final product for led light up quote!


Lastly and probably the one that required the most time and thought process was the pop up led card. Out of the three led projects this obviously has the most requirements, so I started first with a sketch of how the circuit was going to look. 

Sketch of the circuit for pop up card

After some test run, I finally had a circuit that works! I then started to actually design the pop up card. In the end, I decided on an ocean theme. Using the scrape papers in the bin, I was able to create a shark, fish, and some kelp.


For me, the hardest part was calculating the resistors, but after viewing a few videos and using the resistor calculator, the process became pretty easy. Also, using the copper tape was pretty complicated since it was so thin and delicate. Along the way, I also had some trouble with getting a few of the led lights to actually turn on. I ended up adding another layer of copper tape on some area and that seem to do the trick!!But overall it was an exciting project to make!!  

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