Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab


The CU Community Fab is a cutting-edge, exciting and fun place to work. Our hiring patterns vary by time of the year and programs and grants, feel free to get involved as a volunteer to be the first to hear about future opportunities. As a place where a lot of innovation happens the Fab Lab depends on and greatly values cognitive diversity. Therefore we are especially interested in hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds, and kindly encourage all sorts of people to apply.

Storyteller: Digital Marketing and Aspiring Journalist

The CU Community Fab Lab is seeking someone to fill a communications and design position as our first ever official Storyteller. This position is for someone with an interest and background in communications, digital art, journalism and/or public relations. The job focuses on sharing the many stories that happen regularly at the Fab Lab – and potentially elsewhere in informatics – from interviewing patrons about their creations, to taking photos and videos of events or processes, as well as posting notable art and making from the community and other design spaces around campus. Some benefits of this position:

  • It’s a fun job where you can get paid for learning and sharing skills that will help you after graduation or in your next job: production, technology, design, etc…
  • Some experience with rapid fabrication technologies and techniques is preferred – art/industrial design, 3D printing/modeling, game design, textiles/costumes, small electronics, programming, etc…  storytellers will rapidly learn about technologies and maker methods of many sorts (from sewing to electronics to drawing) as well as work both individually and collaboratively with staff to share them with the world
  • Work with a talented, interdisciplinary team of staff, students, volunteers, aspiring professionals and representatives from our community partners at libraries and schools year round


We have a work-in-progress list of typical duties and goals for this new role.

Skills and Qualifications

This job is open to both current University of Illinois students and people who have graduated with a Bachelors. We understand not every candidate will meet all of the following qualifications, but wanted to provide a comprehensive list for candidates to aspire to. Employees can develop and reinforce nearly all of these skills by working with us, too.

We believe cognitive diversity is required for innovation, therefore we are especially interested in individuals from diverse backgrounds!

  • We’re looking for someone outgoing, diplomatic and contagiously energetic for this joint role
  • Curiosity, playfulness, empathy and interest in inquiry – the ‘maker DIWO spirit’
  • Strong verbal skills and ability to identify and champion value found in new ideas and perspectives
  • Know-how to engage patrons of many ages: learn their name and get to know them, establish a rapport and help them talk about their projects and learning process
  • Recognize when audience members are losing attention or falling behind and identify with how they’re feeling, speaking to them with both respect and confidence
  • Be ready to communicate with a suite of digital tools like Slack, (project management), Google Docs/Calendar and email
  • Assist in keeping the lab documented, be ready to collect and convey stories to help us with organization and user experience
  • Help to curate displays and accompanying descriptions for notable projects, staff and students tied to the lab
  • Familiarity with sharing experiences via photos, media and other deliverables on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, Github, Instructables, Pinterest and more
  • Fluency with some combination of art and design authorship and publishing tools, like digital drawing tablets, iMovie or Adobe Photoshop
  • Leverage the internet to find basic information on a subject as well as experiment iteratively to determine how something works – ask questions and figure out how to make and break stuff
  • Ability to learn about new technologies, techniques and software individually and collaboratively, including games like Minecraft, hardware interfaces like Aurdino or non-computerized crafts like sewing or screen printing – you certainly won’t have to know how to do everything, but you will need to understand enough of it to explain its value to others

Application Method

  • First come in to meet us at the Fab Lab (1301 S Goodwin, Urbana) to talk to existing staff and get a sense for what the job and workplace are like (if you haven’t already)
  • Submit a resume (pdf or doc) and links to any relevant teaching portfolios, sample curriculum or lesson plans to
  • We will contact you to setup a time for interview(s)

Other Requirements

  • Applicants must be 18 or older and may need to go through a simple background check
  • Full-time students may only work up to 10 hours a week
  • Work hours will typically be during afternoons and evenings with some flexibility
  • People of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religious affiliations and ability status are strongly encouraged to apply