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Jacob Pruiett final project proposal


For my final project, I’d like to try my hand at creating a board game inspired by board games I’ve played such as evolution and munchkins!

To build this, I’ll use at least the laser cutter and the poster printer, but may end up using the 3-D printer as well. The main idea I have behind the game is for the players to have a lot of choice and be modular in play style, with multiple equally valid strategies to complete the game. This will help extend my learning by encouraging me to create from a unique design perspective in my experience, driven by how fun and playable something is rather than a technical or functionality perspective. Finally, I will need the support on the design and testing of the game, which I can through online research and my friends/peers, help in creating laminated cards, which I can get from dot, and a board for the game using the poster printer, which I can get from James/Duncan.

The first main learning goal of my final project is to learn how to use the poster printer to make a game board, and also how to use/design smaller objects with the laser printer since I’ve only done larger pieces so far. My second learning goal is to also learn about game design and playability from the perspective of a creator instead of a player.

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