Iteration Project – iPad Pouch/Clutch


I created a pouch for my iPad and other belongings for the iteration assignment.

For the previous sewing/textile assignment, I made a tiny box pouch. The reason I decided this assignment for the iteration is because I found the making process very enjoyable and wanted to make a different type of object with different textile, and also because I wanted to improve the overall quality of the product, especially focusing on the quality of the embroidery.

This is the box pouch I made for the previous assignment. It is very cute, however the biggest mistake I made was the position and the quality of the embroidery. Also, I used cotton fabric for this pouch, which made it hard for the pouch to maintain its shape. Thus, I focused on two big things for the iteration project: (1) embroidery, (2) fabric.

This is the initial prototype I created for this assignment. I wanted have an embroidery in the middle of the pouch, and have an inner pocket for my belongings.

I used the felt fabric for my electronic device as it wasn’t stretchy and also it is widely used for making big pouches/clutches. After selecting the color of felt fabric I planned on using, I measured and cut all the pieces I needed. Then, I moved on to designing the suitable embroidery for the pouch, and since I chose red as the color of my pouch, it was not easy to come up with the right color scheme for the embroidery.

I first thought of doing red & pink combination, which I’ve always thought was pretty cute. I designed 4 pixelized hearts with different shades of pink. I embroidered a piece of felt fabric with the hearts, however, I did not like the outcome.

First of all, the hearts were so tiny. Also, the shades of pink were too light and undistinguishable. So, I just started over and created a new design. I still liked doing a heart shape embroidery, so I thought about what heart design I would want on my pouch. I’ve been a huge fan of oldschool, traditional designs/illustration/tattoos, so I found an image of a traditional heart design. With Inkscape, I changed the colors of each section of the design with the colors that I wanted. I was satisfied with the new embroidery design as well as the outcome after an hour of the embroidery process.

Next steps were just sewing all the pieces together. I wanted an inner pocket as I designed in the initial prototype, so I sewed in the pocket first to an inside piece. One thing I realized while sewing was that sewing a larger objects was more difficult than small pieces like the box pouch I made. I tried my best not to make mistakes and to sew as straight as possible.

Below is the video of the entire process.