Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Iteration Project

For this iteration assignment, I am remaking my original light-up card. Here is the original light-up card.

My goal is to create a 3D outdoor-scene based on the game “travel frog”.

The idea is that when I press a bottom, the house and a tree light up. And then when I turn on the power, there should be some other effect on the building.

The first thing I started with is the press-fit box. This box is used to hide Arduino motherboard. There are two holes on the side of the press-fit box. The one on the top is for the sensor, and the side one is for the USB cable. I searched a lot on the internet in order to find how to make a press-fit box. After I finally decided to ask a staff, he told me that the Fab lab has a program for it!

And then, I moved on to the top layer, which included the 3D scene and copper tape circuit. One problem I have is: since the house (or the rock) is made of aluminum foil, it might affect the conduction of the circuit! I turned out doing the circuit on a plastic paper and glued the paper onto the foil. Last time When I did the light-up card, the circuit is flat. But this time I need to find a way to connect the tree, the house, and find a place to the pattern. I draw a circuit first, and then see how it will work connecting all the design.

This is the part one of my iteration assignment.

I was not quite sure what sensor I would like to use. But because I have used the distance sensor and buzzer before, I would like to try something new. Therefore, I choose colorful auto flashing LED. After I connected the LED, jumper, and Arduino, and put it into the box, I found a mistake. The hole is too small to let the USB head go through. So I reprint the side with laser cut.

This is my final product. –> Watch the video IMG_5024