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Iteration Assignment

Even though the project I chose to iterate was name tag assignment, I redid the 3D printing for decoration. The thesis of the assignment is Disney character. In the name tag, I inserted the silhouette of Snow White instead of a pig. For 3D printing, I printed out the Olaf. When I printed out the olaf, it almost failed. Olaf has nose and tiny arms which caused a lot of supports. When I took off all supports, the arm was removed with supports. So, I tried to work in makerlab and redesigned the olaf; I just made a new snow man. My snow man had thick arm which might not cause the support. Also, the new snow man did not have tiny details like eyebrows or flowers. When I printed out the second snow man, it still had supports. TA told me that I should make design thicker so that the tiny parts will not removed with supports.

For the name tag, I worked with the wood. The reason I chose the wood was because I like the mood of the wood. The original design I built up was Olaf holding my name tag. I thought the wood would be better to use instead of other materials.

At the first trial, ”S”, “C”, and “O” was not printed. I repeated the same process as what I did for the original assignment. During the process of working with Inkscape, there was no problem with the design. After I saved as pdf file and opened the file, there were some missing letters. When I asked one of my classmate, he said that it does not matter with what pdf file shows. So, I printed it and the laser cutter just printed out what is shown in pdf file. I removed the file and remade it. I did not know what is the problem but when I redid it, all the letters were not missing.


This iteration assignment should revise the original work with added materials. For my assignment, I should redo the name tag with electronics circuit for a light. Before I worked in the lab by myself, I brainstormed for this assignment. When I talked with my TA about the LED. She told me it is better to use soldering. She showed me how to do soldering. I succeed in soldering the LED and the line. When I tried to solder the battery and the line, I was curious whether it is okay to solder directly to the battery. One of the TA said that I should not solder directly to the battery. He gave me the battery holder and there were two little silver things. If I connect to plus and minus to these sliver things, the LED lights up. My final product is like snow man holding shiny name tag. 🙂    

(1)Original project: name tag

I made two name tags for first assignment. First one is made by wood and second one is made by mirror-type acrylic. Mirror-type acrylic has two layers.




(3) Final Product