Iteration Assignment


Designing/Thought Process

I knew I wanted to work on my laser nametag project because it was the project I had the most fun with and put most effort into. I also had a better idea than other projects on how to improve my laser name tag project, so I knew what to choose for my iteration project. My original nametag, I styled it into a GPU name tag using trace bitmap,and using draw lines effectively on inkscape. For my iteration project, I wanted a nametag that was actually 3D, instead of several wooden pieces glued together. I also wanted the several sides to each accurately portray the sides of a GPU. There would also be a red glow coming from the box in a pulsing effect, to reflect the name of my GPU, the Sapphire 5700xt “Pulse.”

The original name tag

Iteration Project Design Process


Third time was not the charm…

Failures making boxes

At first, what I tried doing was designing my own box following after learning how to make notches using a youtube video. Using the grid lines, and having the nodes attach to the corners automatically, it was rather simple to create the notches for the individual sides of the box. I foolishly thought this was all I needed to do in order for me to create a box. The first printed pieces however, seemed not to match, and some notches were going into the right place. At this point, all I thought was I must have put some notches in the wrong place as the box was not holding it self. I continued to make the same mistake of trying to fix the notches when the problem was that I was not thinking of the extra dimensions needed to the box to be assembled in the place. I repeated these procedures three times more before I realized I am stupid and asked Max for advice.

Improved Box

Max directed me to a box making tool online that I could then download as a svg file easily, which I could then edit on inkscape. Using the improved box, I made different vector images for different sides, and most importantly, instead of rastering my name like my original project, I chose to vector the name. I then put a red tissue paper behind the name so when a light shines through it, it will glow red.

Behind the name is a LED light using arduino circuits. It is using the code set called “pulse” that uses the delay function and a for loop so the light slowly increases intensity and decreases continuously.


Overall, I think there is much more I can improve with this project, if given more time. I could paint the whole wood black before lasering so it looks more realistically like a GPU, which I was in the process of doing before running out of time. I could also find a way to add mini fans to the case. The side designs of the box I could put more on inkscape to be improved. I think my overall idea was good and if given more time, I can find more ways to improve my design.