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How I Gutted a Xbox Controller For Education

So, this week’s project was to create a name tag that represents them in some sort of way. Me being a game designer and video game addict I immediately went to games. My main thought process for most things starts off as a joke but then I end up refining it until I manage to make it work. More fun that way. Also, an interactive name tag, even though it’s just some lame buttons and a joystick, is a cool idea. In this post, I will be posting pictures of each component while listing off what went into the associated component.

Sidenote: I don’t know why the pictures are turning out so massive and text so small. really odd.

  • Here we have the innards of a broken xbox one controller
  • The gizmo on the left is the joystick.
  • Notice how there is no joystick on the right? I had to desolder it off because it wouldn’t fit the wooden frame.
  • Learning how to use a soldering iron was a little bit of a challenge but I’m glad I finally learned. TY to Amanda for showing me!
  • This was the process that took the
  • Not much went into this front plate but, there are some subtleties.
  • The plate was laser cut from a silhouette I found on google images and modified in Inkscape. I just removed the right joystick.
  • The font I wrote my name is from one of my favorite games, Titanfall. Adds a little more “me” into the project.
  • Finally, I used the laser cutter to cut the holes and raster my name in. EZ PZ.
  • Here is the final product!
  • The final thing was gluing.
  • I originally tried wood glue (cuz wood, duh) but it never ended up sticking.
  • Then, with the help of Duncan and Emilie, I found out the proper glue was a rubber adhesive.
  • Working buttons were achieved, I found a use for some old tech, all went well.

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