Holly Situ – 3D Printing


These are the alien and castle it lives in, as result of the class activity. I haven’t used Tinkercad before, but I have created/ moved stuff in 3d spaces before in games. It was a little tricky to get the hang of the navigation and things took a little longer than I would like but I still had fun looking though the interface and creating my model.




Here is the sketches of the prompts, depicted on the left. 

For flatware I to focus on compact and portableness, so I made a swiss army/ multi-tool type design with foldable and removable elements. It was difficult to manifest my idea through the 3d software since there were some complex mechanisms I wasn’t sure how to create from scratch, so I used the shapes provided from the software. I don’t think realistically it would be  as feasible though since it is not very collapsible. 


For my identity prompt I wanted to highlight my place of origin, living in Chicago Chinatown with the Chinatown gate with my personal branding.  The gate has elements of traditional Chinese architecture but was designed for the American / Western context, so I thought it was fitting. I added the stars of the Chicago flag because I really like the design,  made the column of one a block I as homage to UIUC while the other one would have an imprint of a bike wheel since my favorite hobby is biking.

For reproducing of an art piece, I wanted to highlight my favorite contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, specifically one of his character Kiki. I wanted to make a figurine of Kiki without the other elements, as a cheaper alternative to buying a designer toy, and reconstructing her would be an interesting challenge I want to take on. 

Lastly, for the part/thing I need, I wanted to make a pineapple shaped planter for a succulent since I would like to incorporate more greenery in my house.



I decided to 3d print Kiki. The left image was the reference I was working for, but I intentionally left out the ball and stick since it was more complex than my skillset at the moment. My mockup of Kiki on Tinkercad on the right. The eyes were the trickiest part, since I wanted to incorporate the pupils. After 30 minutes of printing, I had the figure though I had to remove the supports manually. 

Image result for takashi murakami kiki