Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab


Server address:

The Fab Lab hosts an open-source Minecraft server for free use. It is a [no PVP] collaboration-oriented creative mode and [PVE] survival server intended to help players who want to learn how to design and print in 3D, experiment with Redstone and build command-block-driven digital story experiences.

How to join a Minecraft server We have lots of camps on Minecraft!

Operations and Building Guides

Our server has some pretty powerful tools – learn to use them!

Minecraft Creative Mode Basics

Start With Learning to Build Better

Protect Your Creations with WorldGuard

You can prevent other players from being able to modify or destroy your creations if you protect them.


Use the WOODEN AXE to make a cuboid selection like the above.

  1. Left click lower corner (first point)
  2. /up 1 and right click upper corner (second point)
  3. /region define [region_name] [your_minecraft_name]

Avoid commonly-used names like ‘house’ or ‘castle’ because someone will have already used it. Don’t use spaces in your names! Swap out ‘define’ with addmember to add a friend to edit your region. Examples:

/region define Jeff_mansion Geph
/region addmember Jeff_mansion fablab_razmataz

Teleport to Your Regions

  1. Setting a teleport point by typing /region flag teleport here
  2. Teleport to your region then by typing /region tp [region_name]

Use /spawn to teleport home to the spawn.

Build Stuff with WorldEdit

For Fab Lab campers and special permissions groups only. //set, //replace, //copy, //paste, //undo, //redo, //cyl, //pyramid, etc… available for approved users – ask

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Fabrication Resources

Assets specifically for users wishing to create media and maker projects with their MC builds.

Download the Server for 3D Printing

The server world saves (overworld and nether) to a cloud account and can be downloaded for 3D rendering and printing every 24 hours.

Download using Google Drive

3D Print With Mineways

Extract the server directory on to the desktop, and open level.dat with Mineways.


We have pictures in several locations on our Google Drive.

Participants in Minecraft camp learning how to do 3D scans, to import themselves into the game as statues.

Participants in Minecraft camp learning how to do 3D scans, to import themselves into the game as statues. See more photos of 2014 camp activities.

Castle model created at the Urbana Free Library. 3D printed model.

Castle model created at the Urbana Free Library. 3D printed model. More 3D printed models.

Castle model created at the Urbana Free Library. Screenshot in-game.

Castle model created at the Urbana Free Library. Screenshot in-game. More shader photos.

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Importing Schematics

You can load and offload schematics using this Google Drive directory:

Use command /schematic [save/load] schematic [name]

Server Information

We are currently (as of 06.2017) running version 1.11.2 with a combination of Spigot and Bukkit plugins on a dedicated machine (Intel Xeon E5-1620, 32gb RAM, 12gb RAM cache swapping to SSD) with dynamic DNS. Our plugins include:

  • Some sort of welcome message (has varied over the years)
  • Various custom-spawn and spawn-teleport plugins (have varied by context over the years)
  • WorldEdit (for advanced players – allows massive transformation and redering operations)
  • WorldGuard (allows players to protect their creations and choose who can modify them)
  • PermissionsEx (complicated permission groups)
  • autosaveworld (backup and saving)
  • LogBlock (tracking changes made by players)
  • Multiverse Core and Portals (allows for multiple worlds, one per camp, survival and creative, etc)
  • An assortment of other plugins for the recent Minecraft Survival Challenge camp – Mythic Mobs, Monster Apocalypse, Shop Keepers, Custom Enchants, Silk Spanwers, Larger Ender Chests, hitboxes or health

Players who create awesome things may be featured on the website or Facebook! Players who disrespect others or destroy creations without permission may be banned. Let us know if you’d like to get a copy of our server world files or plugin settings.

Order of server setup:

  1. Windows Server 2012 install, drivers, update, setup Google Drive
  2. Setup RAM disk, dynamic DNS client, Xampp or other local MySQL
  3. Set static IP to range in mostly-open firewall (x.x.x.98-208)
  4. Install Git, Java JRE, pull down latest BuildTools for Spigot
  5. Toggle EULA file, setup server icon, simple batch script launcher (give it plenty of RAM),
  6. Add pluggins (above) one-by-one, checking settings (or restore worlds/plugins from backup)
  7. Setup backup path to Google Drive directory

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For Instructors and Admins

This section is for Fab Lab staff and volunteers.

Region and Block Management

Check region info with /region info, you can help participants work together with /region addmember or /region addowner.

Use bedrock – right click to see who laid a block or destroyed a now-absent block (place where it was). To undo changes:

/lb rollback player [playername] since [xd] area [#]

Player name is case sensitive, xd is x days, so like 5d, # is block radius.


/mv import [worldname] normal

/mv modify gamemode 1 to set to creative

/mv setspawn

/mv modify set pvp false

/mv modify set mobspawn false

sign/nether portal – make a sign, second row write [mv], third row write world name, no spaces

Other similar commands

Player Control

We have chat logs, remember, so if players disrespect one another we can ban them. To add a user to the camper group (ops only):

/pex user [user] group add campers UFL

/tp @a [your name] tp all users to you

More Useful Commands

Summon Spawner, for the /setblock command:

Old way: /setblock ~ ~ ~ mob_spawner 0 replace {EntityId:Zombie}
New way: /setblock ~ ~ ~ mob_spawner 0 replace {SpawnData:{id:Zombie}}

And for the /give command:

Old way: /give @p mob_spawner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{EntityId:Skeleton}, display:{Name:Skeleton Spawner}}
New way: /give @p mob_spawner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{SpawnData:{id:Skeleton}}, display:{Name:Skeleton Spawner}}


Tools –

Armor –

Curriculum Development – Advanced Learning and Concepts

A growing list of Minecraft guides that teach fairly useful real-world skills or ideas.

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