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Open Lab for people 10-16 years old

In her TED Talk, Ayah Bdeir (the creator of littleBits)  said “We want to encourage a world of creators, of inventors, of contributors. Because this world that we live in, this interactive world, is ours.” Help encourage your kids and bring them to the Fablab on Saturday January 12th from 10 until noon. This month is an open lab with no planned projects, so bring your ideas and have some fun making things. We would also like to take a little time to talk with the kids about what they would like to get from their time at the fablab this year. The CUC Fablab is also considering forming a youth council and we would like to see if their is any interest in participating in this venture. As always, please let us know at if you can make it. Jeff and Isabella
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Business/Operations Committee Meeting Announcement

Join us for an open discussion this Thursday evening – all are welcome! CUCFL Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab 1301 South Goodwin Avenue Urbana, IL 61801 AGENDA Business/Operation Committee Meeting Thursday December 13th @ 5:30 PM I. DISCUSSION ON OPEN HOURS Winter Break Hours 2012 – 2013 (proposed) CLOSED on Sunday 23rd, Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th of 2012. Happy Holidays! REOPEN Sunday 30th 1-6 pm CLOSED Tuesday January 1st 2013.  Happy New Year! REOPEN Thursday January 3rd, 2013 using established hours of T TH 6-9 pm and Sun 1-6 pm* * Pending Review of Spring staffing & hours – Bob has suggested we put together a schedule for January (and beyond) II. UPCOMING EVENTS On Monday January 7th Mary K will be leading a group of area educators (approximately 20) on an introduction to the fab lab from 9 am to 12 pm.  Volunteers are needed! Mercedes & Virginia have been teaching Inkscape classes at the Don Moyers Boys & Girls Club, and would like to continue these efforts next year. Volunteers are needed! III.  UPCOMING PROPOSALS (SUSTAINABILITY) The fab lab is considering making application on the following: Discovery Seminar Assemble a proposal for a 2 hour fab lab “Internet of Things” seminar for Fall 2013, due date January 11th 2013* * The deadline of January 11 is for the UNIT (I^3) to submit the proposal Urbana Arts Grants Assemble proposal for fab lab volunteer arts training program, due date January 16th 2013 Any interested individuals who would like to participate in the proposal writing process are encouraged to attend IV. PROPOSAL FOR A CUC FAB LAB YOUTH COUNCIL Whereas so many youth have been attending the fab lab during our Sunday afternoon open hours, it has become apparent that it would be a great benefit for youth to have the opportunity to organize themselves into a self governing structure within the fab lab environment.  A Youth Council would propose student projects & events to our volunteer base, who would undertake the necessary arrangements for staffing of the lab. This Youth Council would also serve as the point of contact for area youth who have questions about the fab lab, or who otherwise wish to become involved. V. MISCELLANY – INVENTORY, VOLUNTEERING, LAB TECHNOLOGY / TRANSFER,  FUNDING a. Can we talk about the pricing of acrylic, there seem to be various ways to set the price markup and we want to make sure that we all agree on something (Mercedes) b. Volunteer recruitment – we need to get more people more involved, if possible (Jeff) c. Listservs – inventory, control and use to engage new volunteers (Jeff) d. I’m working on transferring out the old computers, training UFL tech volunteers, and transferring the new 3D printer (Jeff)
d. Funding – how much money do we have, do we need to purchase anything (Jeff)
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I made my 2012 Halloween costume at the Fab Lab!

Back in October I used the big vinyl cutter to create my Halloween costume! I attended a Halloween party that also celebrated the fall birthdays of three friends. The party was themed for the states they were born in: Missouri, Tennessee, and California. My costume matched all three, with Dr. Pepper from Missouri, Mountain Dew from Tennessee, and Orange Crush from California! Everyone at the party thought it was awesome, but I ended up taking it off pretty quickly when I realized it was impossible to sit down. Slight engineering oversight. 😛 This costume was the first thing I have ever made in the Fab Lab and it was so much fun! I highly recommend anyone who needs to make…well…reallyanything stop by the Fab Lab and check it out! – Kathryn T.
The full getup: front
The full getup: back
Orange Crush
Mountain Dew
Dr. Pepper
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Kids to Invade the Fab Lab

In a recent blog post Maggie Thrash wrote “A common misconception is that hacking=accessing other people’s computers (see: any movie or news story about “hacking”). But the true meaning of hacking is much broader– it’s about problem-solving, rejecting limits set by outside forces, curiousity, and a true DIY spirit. In tech terms, it includes reverse engineering (taking stuff apart to learn how it works) and modifying electronics to suit your own needs and to answer your own questions. I like this video of Limor Fried (one of the most influential electrical engineers in the world) where she describes a hacker as ‘not somebody who breaks into something, but somebody who breaks out of something.'” If you are between the ages of 10 and 16, grab an adult and join us at the CUCFL on Saturday Dec. 8th from 10 until noon where you can take that first step towards making your electronic devices do what you want them to do. We will be doing a simple soldering project to introduce everyone to the electronics area of the Fab Lab. Since there are a limited number of soldering stations, we will also be exploring how to make a 3D object using 2D pieces cut on the epilog laser engraver by cutting and assembling the Pteranodon kit. There is also an excellent tutorial for making a press fit box available here if you do not want to make a dinosaur. There will be a $3 charge for the soldering kit, and the pressboard for the Pteranodon kit is 50 cents. If you are going to try a press fit box you can purchase the necessary materials at the lab for a very reasonable cost. Please remeber that space is limited, so if you are interested in attending, please contact me at
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Open lab for people 10 to 16 years old

Ken Denmead wrote the following about raising geeks, though I think it applies to raising and teaching all kids: “…It means teaching them an empowering worldview. It means showing them how things work and that with a little research, determinations and trial and error, they can bend the world to their will. It means raising them with the maker call to arms echoing in their ears: ‘If you can’t open it, you don’t own it!’ It means getting them to approach problems technically and solve them with imagination, which makes anything possible. It means encouraging them to tinker, even if it means voiding warranties. It means building a better world.” The Fablab is having another open hours day for people ages 10 to 16 on Saturday November 3rd from 10 until noon. Come out and introduce your children to the tools they will need to help build a better world. Space is limited so please email Jeff Howard at if you are interested in attending. Here are some pictures from our open lab time in October:
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Anyone Interested in 2013 Fab Academy?

Every year the Fab Academy conducts a rigorous semester long class based on the MIT course, with remote participants working in local Fab Labs around the world. CUCFL hosted a Fab Academy class in 2011. If there is enough interest, we could try to have one in Jany 2013. We need to get several (probably 3 or more) people to sign up (Note:  there is a $3-5000 tuition.) and we will need to recruit a “guru” to be the local expert here. For more information see: If you might be interested, please contact me or reply to this posting.
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Request for Help: Want to Light a Jack'O'Lantern

I made a small Jack’o’lantern on the new UP! printer. The project was downloaded from Thingiverse, by DocProfSky. The STL file is in the Downloads folder on the UP! machine. Help Wanted:  This Jack’o’lantern is intended to have a light inside, e.g., a LED and battery.  I need some folks to help finish this part of the project.
Plastic Pimpkin
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