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Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Example Project: Etching Glass Cookware

The Epilog Mini at the CUCFL can be used to engrave text and pictures on glass (e.g., mirrors or picture frames), and on glassware, including bottles, drinking glasses, and cookware. An Example Project An example project is to etch a personal design on a glass pie pan, purchased at a large store for $5 or less. Please see the report attached here [PDF]. Example piece. The pie pan in the Epilog Mini. Photo of the decorated 24cm glass pie pan, as viewed in use (Photo Jeff Ginger, 2012). Caveats There are many formulas for glass, and it is very difficult to determine the precise material used in a given product.  Contemporary cookware purchased in the US seems to work OK.  It is difficult to predict the results for older glass, or glass with unknown provenance. Etching glass is inherently risky. It is possible etching may cause the glass to flake or crack, which would ruin the cookware. It could also weaken the cookware, leading to premature breakage. If the etched glass shows evidence of cracking or flaking, it should be discarded immediately.  Never cook with damaged glassware. Etching colored or painted glass may or may not give desirable results. The etching may not be visible, or may ruin the appearance of the object. Thanks To Thanks to J for showing us how to etch her own bakeware and PST for providing bakeware for the first trials that led to this report. Jeff Ginger provided some of the images. Songtrack performed by Judy Collins.
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Business/Operations Committee Meeting Announcement

Business/Operations Committee Meeting –  Draft Agenda August 2, 2012 7:30 PM Meeting at the CUC fab lab conference room expected to last no more than an hour, with discussions on any of the given agenda items  between 10 and 15 minutes duration.  All are welcome! 1) Hours Fall Hours for the upcoming semester could revert to Tuesday & Thursday 5-9 PM, and Sunday 12-6 PM, or by special arrangement 2) Fab Lab Stewardship Discuss strategies to identify volunteers who oversee laser cutter operation.  It has been suggested that a vest be worn by a volunteer during times which s/he would be responsible for efficient laser cutter operation. 3) Inventory Discuss improvements to requisition and tracking of inventory items from the storeroom 4) Fab Off The Second Annual event is expected to be held on October 14th 5) Fab 8 Papers may be submitted for this conference 6) Other business
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The laser is up and running!

Come on in with your projects during any open hours to use the laser.  Please consider donating if you’ve been waiting to use the laser!  We had to order a $900 part to get it back up so any donations would be greatly appreciated!
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Epilog is down until further notice

Please note: The laser won’t be fixed by Sunday’s open hours.  You should still come to the lab and check out our vinyl cutter, silhouette, 3D printer, electronics lab, and 3D routers! As soon as the laser is running, we will post to let you know!
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Journal Article About CUCFL Project

The Neuromaker project from February 2011 (See here) is discussed in detail in the current issue of Knowledge Management & E-Learning (see full citation and link below). The article describes the background and details of the NeuroMaker, as well as the transformational connections between personal fabrication, embodied computing, and the performing arts.
McGrath, R. E., Rischau, J., & Craig, A. B. (2012). Transforming Creativity: Personalized Manufacturing Meets Embodied Computing (in preparation). Knowledge Management and E-Learning, 4(2), 157-173. [here]
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Business/Operations: Condensing the Listservs

The Fab Lab operations committee has voted to condense the listservsdown to three. The following listservs will continue to be maintained and used: The following listservs will be folded in to, since they are not being used:
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