Arduino Assignment: LED resistor finder

For my the arduino assignment in class, we first worked on creating a simple blink circuit. This was accomplished by connecting an LED to a digital pin, and ground (but through a resistor of course). This allowed us to set the pin we chose to HIGH to send 5v to the LED, and set it […]

textiles – Justin Franklin

 The textile assignment in the makerspace 490 class began a couple of weeks ago, and it has been a long couple of weeks. When I first began using the sewing machines I had no idea what I was doing, because I had never used one in my life. It has been a strange experience overall […]

Textiles- Red Panda Plushie

These past two weeks we were introduced to the basics of sewing and embroidery. I have never operated a sewing machine in my life and thought that it would be a tough thing to maneuver but I was pleasantly surprised when I began to get the hang of it. In the first lab section, I […]

Textile Project – Box Pouch

Drawstring Bag Above is the drawstring bag I made during the first lab section. There were two orange drawstrings (ribbon strings) originally used, but I wanted to find better drawstrings that is better to use than ribbon strings.   Embroidery  Above is the embroidery that I have created during the second lab section. I used […]

Textile Project: T-Rex Plushie

During our two week session of sewing, we made a drawstring pouch and an embroidery.  The process of making the drawstring pouch was pretty straightforward, since we were sewing straight lines and not curves. The same goes for the embroidery, once there was an image to be embroidered the sewing machine did all the work. […]

Sewing Project – Souvenir Tie, Drawstring Pouch and Embroidered Flower

First, we created the drawstring pouch with two linings. We had to sew the two linings together for this one, have the inner lining go inside the outer one  and leave some space on the left and right sides when sewing for the ribbon to go through. This was a fun assignment. I learned what […]

Textiles Assignment: Box Pouch

    This week we focused on sewing. I had done minimal sewing and no embroidery before, so this was an interesting experience for me. The project I worked on was this pouch that we finished in class: I went with a blue outside layer and a purple inside layer for this pouch since those […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 6: Arduino Introduction

This week, we learned how to use Arduino and programming to produce the desired output, depending on the input.   Motive Within the default kit, there was an ultrasonic device that calculates the distance to an obstacle. When I saw this device, I remembered how these devices were used in cars to let the driver […]

Totoro Plushie Textiles Project

For my textiles project I decided to make a Totoro plushie out of felt. Totoro has always been one of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies so this would be a project that I’d be happy to display in my apartment. I started out by printing out the pattern on to some A4 sheets of paper, […]

Sewing Project- Plush Owl

Initially, I chose the Toothless/Light Fury bag as How to Train Your Dragon is my favorite animated movie of all time.  I had picked fabric that had dragon scales. Also, I did not want a felt material because I felt it picks up lint and other dirt. I wanted to include eyelashes (like the ones […]

Sewing Project

In class: The first week, I got to work with a sewing machine for the first time. Because of some difficulties with how it was set up I had trouble at first. Maxx was able to fix whatever was wrong and I got some practice sewing straight lines as well as curves. After that we […]

assignment 5 textiles – Justin Kim

  The above two are the embroidery and the drawstring pouch I made in class. The pouch turned out very satisfactory, even though it was so very hard to put the drawstring in as the hole I made was too small for any pencil to go through. The embroidery patch was painful to do, as […]