Exemplar Project Writeup – Austen Gabrielpillai

For my final project, I wanted to make a rotating dodecahedron to project various patterns and geometric shapes by using a color changing light source, essentially creating a zen – discoball (the zendron, as named by one of my friends).  I began first by creating a pattern the pattern in Inkscape. I wanted to push the limits of the laser cutter […]

Exemplar Project Writeup – Sam Fu

For my final project, I set out to create a ambient back-lit shadowbox, or what I dubbed a lightbox shadowbox. This project would combine multiple technologies, many of which I had not previously worked with. I wanted to create a pressfit box using laser on wood, also vectoring out standing designs, creating a barrier to diffuse light using the silhouette cutter, […]

Example Assignment Post

For this project, I created a cute dinosaur plushie. I have never sewn using a sewing machine before so it was very challenging to wrap my head around the spatial problems with the construction, not to mention just stitching in a straight line at all. I messed up a couple times with spacing so I had […]

Makerspace: Towards a New Civil Infrastructure

In an article titled, “Makerspace: Towards a New Civic Infrastructure,” researcher Will Holman explains the history of makerspaces and discusses their current status and value in society. The article was published last month and is interspersed with cool pictures of fab labs and makerspaces around the country. Holman goes into detail about some of the […]

Less Talented Than I Thought: Digital Embroidery

This semester in our Makerspace class, I had the exciting opportunity to choose my own design and watch a sewing machine embroider it for me.  Pretty cool and seemingly simple, right?!  It really isn’t too difficult, but I looked past some key steps in the process that pointed me to failure.  Read on to hear […]

Embroidery Gone Wrong

For part of our textiles assignment, we were supposed to embroider a piece of our own clothing. I chose my victim to be a Yahoo shirt, just one of many free shirts that I have no emotional connection with. The final result was supposed to be Google’s colorful new logo, which would let me use multiple colors […]

UI Extension – 4H 3D Printer Club

Click on the photo above to read the full release. Many thanks to Lorie Becraft, Judy Schmidt, Gabriel Ewing, Chris Sketch, Jay Babin, Ryan Branch, the Fondulac Librarians and all of the teen participants!

3D printing project

For one of the 3D printing projects, we were asked to design a dinner wear with a group theme. Our team decided our theme to be a dinner wear that has multiple functions. Instead of using Tinkercad, I decided to use the software Sculptris. Although unlike Tinkercad, Sculptris doesn’t have a clear measurement to keep […]

The Smiley Face that became Loopy

For one of the assignments we were suppose to embroider a piece of clothing. I chose to go with a simple design of a smiley face since when I first did an embroider patch it ended up being a very long process for the machine to embroider since I chose a very intricate piece. So with […]

Embroidery Project Failures and Successes

For my embroidery project, I was having a difficult time thinking of what I wanted to create. I ended up choosing a design from the internet of a dreamcatcher.  This particular design had lots of colors in it, which would be difficult to embroider. I spent two hours on SewArt, with the help of Duncan, […]

Assignment 3

Mushroom stamp from linoleum.   Name tag with design from an online business card.

Assignment 2

Multilayered Sticker fox from silhouette library   Multilayered Griffin sticker – mouse,  butterfly, frog   single layered griffin stickers and multilayered hummingbird sticker.   Griffin Sticker – snail, t rex, bison