Exemplar Project Writeup- Xue Yan Chen

Advanced Vinyl Sticker When I was told to make a griffin sticker, the first thing that came to my mind was the cloud because I love its curly shape for whatever reason. I originally wanted to combine the cloud with a cat, however, the design didn’t work out well. So, I changed my mind and […]

Exemplar Project Writeup- Christine Huh

Laser Name Tag It was satisfying to be able to create my own design from start to finish.  Before class, I wasn’t really sure about the design of my name tag.  After playing around with Inkscape during lab, I decided that I didn’t want it to be the standard rectangular name tag shape, but something different with a little bit more shape. […]

Exemplar Project Writeup- Jaewoo Byun

Paper Circuit I got the inspiration from an orgami ball on an invitation card. I thought it would be cool to make a rose by folding papers and put LED inside it. I have always wanted to learn how to fold a paper rose, so I did that, and then made 4 of them in different sizes […]

Exemplar Project Writeup- Heather Brown

Soft Circuit For this project, I was immediately drawn to the embroidered patches on the wall of the FabLab. I have sewn a little bit, but it has been several years since I have attempted any projects. The thought of being able to create your own patch seemed like an interesting challenge. In approaching the assignment, I […]

Exemplar Project Write Up- Sam Fu

Locomotive Pom Pom Bot Initial Design I wanted to create a robot with one arm with 2 hinges to rotate on. These arms would alternate between rowing the contraption using the rowing arm and resetting the rowing arm in a loop. It would move forward ever so slightly by making contact with the table surface […]

Exemplar Project Writeup – Zhan Chen

My initial proposal was to realistic 3d print of a mediaeval knight armor from scratch. The purpose of the print would acting as a scarecrow for my cats and preventing them from pushing fragile object off the table. The original design was supposed to be a realistic warrior of some sort, the aesthetic focus would […]

Exemplar Project Writeup – Zachary Brewer

For my final project I build a Stratux ADS-B receiver using a Raspberry Pi Zero, a couple of software defined radios (SDRs), and a few other parts. This project is typically build using a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 although there have been a few other people who have used the Pi Zero. One of […]

Exemplar Project Writeup – Michael Bazzoli

My project was titled “Live Art” I was really inspired by the challenge of making art work dynamic. Art work is inherently a very static piece of decoration but if you really think about it artists wanted to really convey a very dynamic environment in their painting. Let’s take one of my favorite paintings as an example : […]

Exemplar Project Writeup – Athena Hung

My project was to make a phone controlled light switch with aBluetooth module, an Arduino, and a Android phone. First, I made a circuit and a program that would connectbluetooth to the Arduino that would light up a LED. This was done following a instructable:http://www.instructables.com/id/Remotely-Control-LED-using-HC-05-Bluetooth-Arduino/. As mentioned in the instructable, I then needed to download a Bluetooth SPP app that allows the use of a smartphone to […]

Exemplar Project Writeup – Grace Shen

I originally wanted to make some sort of object that would allow me to find my glasses. A lot of times, I don’t wear my glasses for long periods of time, and when I want to find them again, I have no idea where they went and have to spend a really long time looking […]

Exemplar Project Writeup – Robert Planek

I started the thought process for this assignment during the lecture that was given that introduced the final project and listed some cool ideas and technologies that we could use. As soon as I saw the neopixels and learned that they were individually programmable I had the idea for my algorithm visualization project. I have […]