Arduino Introduction- Joy Shi

This week in lab, we were introduced to Arduino, in which was something that I have never experienced before. During our lab, we learned the basics of Arduino and how to make a LED light up and blink. It was relatively simple since we had diagrams to look at and follow. However, looking at diagrams […]

Arduino Introduction

This week in class focused on an introduction to Arduino and electronics hardware, which for once are topics that I’m familiar with as an computer engineering major. In class we had to create an SOS signal using a blinking LED as well as controlling the breathing speed of an LED using a makeshift capacitive touch […]

Scheduled Brightness Adjusting Lamp Prototype – Charis Ryu

For this assignment, I created a prototype of a touch lamp that has the functionality that allows the user to schedule and automatically adjust the brightness based on the current time, based on their lifestyle. For example, there is a user who studies everyday 6-9pm, reads book/get ready to go to bed 9-12am, and sleep […]

Arduino Introduction

I’m describing the situation where I would need my sound volume detector in my storyboard in the attached scanned Pdf image. I wanted to build a sensor that would tell me if my laptop music volume was too high and disturbing my roommates as often they are studying at home. IMG_20191030_0006 I started by taking […]

Arduino Introduction — Sean

I had some previous experience with Arduinos before, but I had never incorporated an LCD screen into a project before. One of my challenges was trying to figure out what I should do with the LCD screen. I decided I wanted to do some type of game where the goal is to avoid the obstacles […]

Arduino Storyboard

In class This week we started working with Arduinos. I already have a bit of experience with them, so I had no trouble setting up the led circuits and making them blink SOS:   However, the capacitive touch sensor gave me a bit of trouble. I got it to work for awhile, and then it […]

Arduino Introduction

I found this week’s task to be fun yet simple. Having previously worked with an Arduino, I remembered the basics enough to finish in class. Getting the LED to light up was not difficult because we had example code available. Our next step was slightly more challenging because we had to make a pattern using […]

Zippered Sketch Wallet Sewing Project

For the duration of the sewing unit, in class we learned how to thread and operate a sewing machine, follow pre-made sewing patterns, and create embroidery designs directly onto our cloth pieces. These are the pieces I made from the class lessons: a drawstring bag and an embroidered cherry.            For […]

Arduino Project

For this project, in class, we were taught the basics of Arduino, a product I have seen many times online before but have never actually used it.  It was a quick introduction to using an LED to light upon a breadboard using a connective circuit utilizing aluminum foil. It was quick and easy and interesting […]

Arduino Assignment

For the in class portion, we created LEDs blinking with the starter code provided in the Arduino libraries.  For the homework, I decided to create a temperature and humidity sensor that tells you when your shower is ideal to jump into. Often times, we shower with water that is too hot, and since that’s not […]

Arduino Adventures

Our project this week revolved around Arduinos! I wanted to find a fun combination of sensors & outputs, so I chose to try to integrate a joystick controller to control NeoPixels.  I thought this would be an assignment that I could largely do outside of the Fab Lab since I could install the Arduino software […]

Sewing and Digital Embroidery – Scott Kim

For the drawstring pouch, I decided to have a sky-blue gradient outside, with a bright green inside. I really liked the blue for its color, and my old backpack also had a distinctive neon green inner lining, so I thought it would be a nice tribute to that. After cutting four squares of the fabric, […]