Pom-Pom Bots — Sean White

Hello everyone, for my project this week I wanted to try and make a four legged pompom bot using only two servos. Many robot designs for each leg use multiple servos to better control the position of the leg. I originally wanted to create a robot that would stand up and walk. I realized, however, […]

Arduino Intro

For my Arduino Introduction project, I decided to create an alarm that will tell me when to turn on the heater in my house. My house is weird in that the coldest room in the house is the bathroom, rather than the living room which has the windows and is closest to the door. This […]

Locomoting Pom-Bot

My in-class design for the locomoting pom-bot was based off the paper we were given with the chicken on it. I tried reconstructing the chicken with a moving piece. I chose to make the head movable to mimic the way a chicken would peck grass. For the body, I put together two cut pieces of […]


In class, we used one servo to create movement to our Arduino bots. I wanted to make a cute teddy bear whose stomach rumbled. I mimicked a vibrating movement on the servo and then used fabric and pompoms to create the bear.  For homework, I decided to make a snake / wormy thing that squiggled […]

Skiing Pom Bot

In class      This week we got to make little robots, which was very fun. We had class on Halloween, so I decided to make a little ghost. I glued a popsicle stick to a servo and glued that into the cup so that it looked like it was waving. While working on it, […]

Arduino Locomotion

After last class where we worked with arduinos and sensors, we then moved to using servos with the arduino to make things move. The in-class assignment was to use a single servo to animate something. My thought was to use the materials at hand to create a kind of “boogie bot”. The idea was the […]

arduino intro justin franklin

arduino intro – Justin Franklin Discrete pitch theremin For this week’s assignment in the makerspace 490 class, we were introduced to arduinos and the arduino IDE. I have some experience programming, but not with arduinos. It was something that i’ve been meaning to get into, so I was definitely excited to get started working with […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 7: Pom Bots

This week, I learned how to use a servo motor with Arduino to create objects moving in loops. In class, I made a paper bunny with waving ears to practice the use of the servo motor. The main issue to the design was that the moving ear had to be on a different layer than […]

Arduino Intro: Humidity Fan Sensor

To start with the context of my project, my apartment bathroom has a fan that is very weak and does little besides make noise. As we all love our good hot showers, sometimes the bathroom becomes too humid, which encourages mold/mildew growth. I own a small portable fan, but I don’t like having it on […]

Arduino Part 1

Storyboard    The original setup, I had both the receiver and the sensor on the board together. I tried to set it up like how the touch sensor was done in class. Note that the light on the Arduino motherboard is on, but not the light for the IR Receiver.  I used the Instructables to […]

Storyboard for Autonomous Vehicle System

In Class: Within the class I made a cookie monster head. I really liked the idea of using motors and combining them with fabrics to create automated stuffed animals, and this was an application of that. Personally, I was already familiar with Arduino’s so most of the material was review, however I’ve never used motors […]

Arduino – Scott Kim

For this Arduino project, I used the ultrasonic sensor with the LCD display to create a way to type with using only a single limb! (Or any large, blunt object) Perhaps for those who have lost a limb or fingers. In a situation such as this: They could send text messages, or do any action […]