Final Project – Charis Ryu

Question 1 I made a cat(pet) house for my final project. First, I made a comfortable bed that goes inside the house with a blanket and sewing machine. Then, I made the house with baltic birch wood and power tools (Neil helped me with the tools).  The biggest challenge I faced was wood kerfing. I […]

Final Project – Justin Kim

For my final project, I knew I wanted to use the laser cutter extensively, as the laser cutter project was my favorite assignment in class. While I knew I wanted to use the laser cutter, I was not sure what to make with laser cutter for my final project. During my iteration project, James gave […]

Final Project– Joy Shi

For my final project, I decided to make a stained glass lamp. This is something completely new to me so I had no idea what I had in store for me. Before starting my project, I did a bit of research and watched some YouTube videos related to stained glass. In all honesty, it looked […]

Daniel Shin – Final Project

Final Project For my final project, I decided to design a stylized room in 3D using a program called Blender. Then, I recreated the room in real life using most of the tools I have learned to use in this course. First, I made these two 3D models. The first one represents what each object […]

Final Project

For my final project, I made a real life Minecraft Redstone simulator. It includes lamps, redstone torches, and various redstone path blocks. When placed in the board according to Minecraft’s rules, the torch can power the lamp using the redstone as wires. Overall, I think it turned out well. I’m especially happy that I was […]

Final Project

Video Challenges I faced – I wish that I found more of this blue acrylic. I looked in several stores to find blue translucent, but could not. And the fab lab had 1 sheet, which was not enough, so I had to use another color. Also, getting things to look neat (especially the glue underneath […]

Final Project

Question 1. Show us what you made for your final project. Include at least two in-process photos and two final photos (or videos!) of your final project. Include a couple sentences about what challenges you faced and what you are most proud of but do not write a full step-by-step report of what you did.  Here’s […]

Seth Sawant Iteration Assignment

This week’s assignment was to to either build upon a previous week’s project or to start it over from scratch. Because we’re soon starting the final project, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to combine two projects into one to create a larger more and ambitious design. I also wanted to make something […]

Arduino Iteration Adventures

My iteration project was built as a stepping-stone from my newly-acquired Arduino skills to my final project. To do so, I built a box with a map of my local area on the front, and a number of LEDs that lit up at 13 different bus stop locations to indicate where certain buses where. before […]

Iteration Assignment

For my iteration assignment I decided to revisit the arduino Input/Output project. Previously I had used a current sensor to measure the current through an LED to determine the right resistor needed for a particular brightness. I had used these sensors in the past, so I wanted to try a project with a sensor I […]

Iteration Assignment

Ideation: For this week, I wanted to improve my sewing skills because while I had a lot of fun during sewing week, I saw my technique had abundant room for improvement. So, I went back to the google drive folder of patterns and picked a plushie. I made bags last time, a drawstring one and […]

Iteration Project – Record Streamer – Isaac Iyengar

Intro: The goal of this project was to extend my nametag project from the beginning of the semester. That project was a simple press-fit box with stained plywood, and a black acrylic hot glued on top. The black acrylic was cut and rastered to resemble a standard vinyl record.  I started collecting records once I […]