Design & Make a Pillow with Lasered Felt | Saturday, 02/29 – 1PM-4PM

Previous Next Design & Make a Pillow with Lasered Felt Who doesn’t need a fancy homemade pillow in their life? Brighten up your home with a pillow you get to design, laser cut, and assemble! Cutting fabric takes forever, let the Fab Lab’s laser cutter do all the cutting work! Saturday, February 29th – 1PM-4PMAges […]

Final Project, Justin Franklin

For the maker space final project, I knew sort of what I wanted to do. Earlier in the semester I had made a theremin like device, that used ultrasonic sensors to produce different pitches. I wanted to rework that idea into something that was a bit more useable by incorporating that functionality into a midi […]

Makerspace final project: A marvelous photoshop

Makerspace: The Final (Project) Frontier Ian Howe 12/20/19 Question 1: Show us what you made for your final project.  Include at least two in-process photos and two final photos (or videos!) of your final project. Include a couple sentences about what challenges you faced and what you are most proud of but do not write […]

Final Project

For my final composite, I created a decoration to be placed somewhere in my family’s house. I made this decoration for my mother as she is very near and dear to my heart. I have not gotten her a gift in forever, so I decided making one would be better than buying something generic. This […]

Final Project: Spider Robot

Hello everyone, For my final project, I decided I wanted to make a spider robot that would walk using four legs. I wanted to incorporate a raspberry pi and allow Bluetooth connectivity since I have never used either of those before, and I wanted to learn how to use them. In order to complete this […]

Final Project – Scott Kim

Solar Powered Website What? First, I bought a cheap solar panel, a battery, and a solar controller to connect the two and provide an output. After a bit of googling to make sure they were compatible, I was able to get a straightforward solar battery, capable of (slowly) charging my phone: And then on the […]

Final Project Fall 2019

This assignment was somewhat ambitious. Not as ambitious as the sewing project, but very similar. My biggest challenge was I could not get the 3-D printer to print the flower Taurus constellation so that I could make a mold of it. My first print failed as did my second and third attempts. The second attempt, […]

Belated Locomotion Adventures

The process of working with Arduino and motors began with our in-class activity, in which we needed to make use of a motor in some way/shape/form. After being inspired by our rooster-themed scratch paper, I decided to build a scene that involved a man in a house opening his front door, seeing the rooster that […]

Final Project- Cherry Neopixel Epoxy Multi-Lamp

Question 1:  For this project, I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone and dive into a project I had seen created on YouTube using Epoxy resin and solid wood. The challenges in this project were the wood cutting, utilizing the router table, and pouring the Epoxy resin. I had never used wood […]

Final Project – Knife Whetstones and Base

For my final project I chose to create a set of knife whetstones and a wooden base to hold and store them. Having no prior knowledge of woodworking, this project was an introduction to a completely new topic to me, and I needed a lot of help from the TAs to build the base. I […]

Final Project – Smart Carhole

Question 1: My final project was to make a smart garage door controller so I could check if I had remembered to close the garage door, and if not, I could close it remotely. A lot of the programming and development started with a setup like this: This was what allowed me to test my […]

Final Project – Charis Ryu

Question 1 I made a cat(pet) house for my final project. First, I made a comfortable bed that goes inside the house with a blanket and sewing machine. Then, I made the house with baltic birch wood and power tools (Neil helped me with the tools).  The biggest challenge I faced was wood kerfing. I […]