Firefly circuit

I had a really hard time understanding the basic concepts of building a circuit in class, so I decided to keep my circuit as simple as possible and focus on making a visually appealing, cute card. I went to Youtube and followed a tutorial on how to connect the circuit and hide the ugliness. 

This is what I did in class – had a really rough time making the LEDs light up!! But I’m glad that I had the practice of making a parallel circuit in class. 


I wanted to create lit up fireflies. I basically used the Youtube tutorial to map out my circuit – thank god for that. Otherwise, I would have wasted hours of my time. What I wanted was the fireflies to light up. 


This was the more fun part because once I figured out how to actually plan for my circuit, everything else seemed to fall into place. The only confusing thing was the resistor, calculating for them, and knowing how many to use. To keep the LEDs simple, I used only 2 colors (both of which have similar voltage). The resistors basically had me start over several times, because before I put them in, my 2/3 of my lights were working and after putting them in, none of the lights were working. 


This assignment took up a loooot of time, but I actually enjoyed creating the artwork for it and it came out pretty good. I understood the basic concepts of circuits (I am still more comfortable with series rather than parallel). I definitely needed a lot of troubleshooting help along the way. Honestly speaking, I would not mess with circuits again unless there was a better way than the copper tape – connection sucked. 


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