Final Project– Joy Shi


For my final project, I decided to make a stained glass lamp. This is something completely new to me so I had no idea what I had in store for me. Before starting my project, I did a bit of research and watched some YouTube videos related to stained glass. In all honesty, it looked pretty easy. By the end of my project, I can confidently say that it was not easy.

There were definitely a lot of challenges that I faced while making this project. One of the challenges is having all the individual glass pieces to fit together. Since the pieces all come from a different color, it was hard to fit them together. There were some pieces too big while others were too small and left a gap. With this sizing issue, also made it hard to nail down the pieces when I was soldering.  However, later I started using tape to hold all the pieces together while I soldered. This became a very fast and efficient way for me to get the soldering done. Even with all these challenges, I was very happy with the finishing results.

Learning goals for this project include learning stained glass, asking staff members for help, and keeping myself accountable by making deadlines to stay on top of the project. For the most part, I believe I did reach my goals.

I now have experience with cutting and soldering glass on. With more practice and time, I believe I could’ve made the individual glasses fit more nicely. Since all five sides were all the same design, it became easier and faster to solder everything together. If one were to analyze each side of the cube, there are definitely improvements from the first side I did.

This project was definitely not possible without the help from Amrutha. Without her knowledge on stained glass, I would’ve been completely lost. As a completely beginner, I am very thankful that Amrutha was able to guide me and take time out of her day to come and help me with this project. With Amrutha around, we were able to conquer my challenges and both learn from it.

I, however, underestimated the time each part was going to take so my deadlines were not always met. In the end, I did keep myself accountable and didn’t rush through this project. My deadlines became more of a checklist for me where I set goals of what I wanted to get done each time I went to the FabLab.

This class has taught me a lot about myself. I personally likes to solve problems on my own. In a way, this class has forced me to ask for help when I am stuck. It made me realize that stuff can get done a lot faster when someone who knows what they are doing is helping you. I also realize that making things requires a lot of time and patience. I struggled with this in the beginning of the semester because I didn’t manage my time well and a lot of times had to rush towards the end. This is also why I made one of my learning goals to meet deadlines. Having set days to get things done has definitely help keep some stress away.

I do not consider myself as a creative person at all, so I definitely struggled with some of the projects for this class. Even though my projects were never above and beyond but rather very simple, I liked learning about the process behind each project. I think a maker does not necessarily have to be creative, but someone who creates something physically or digitally. By taking this class, I have become more interested in physically making things. The programs and machines that we have learned throughout the semester has made me more interested and hopefully I will create make more projects in the future.