Final Project Fall 2019


This assignment was somewhat ambitious. Not as ambitious as the sewing project, but very similar. My biggest challenge was I could not get the 3-D printer to print the flower Taurus constellation so that I could make a mold of it. My first print failed as did my second and third attempts. The second attempt, I was able to see why it did not work. It was too many loops and the loops were not connecting to the bed of the machine. It was just clumpy globs of plastic. I discussed this problem with Maxx and we attempted to tweak the design via photoshop (I had initially used Inkscape and then, transferred it to TinkerCad).  Maxx showed me how to tweak my original silhouette via Adobe Photoshop. Yet, when I reprinted it, it still failed in the print. Consequently, I did not try again, but I did think about trying to use the silly putty and molding the shape from my bare hands, but I did not have the time to do so.   

My next challenge was I did not make a good mold for the rings. I had made an open-face mold initially, and the rings were misshapen. After talking to Duncan, I had partially done the molds correctly as the silicone molds had enveloped the 3-D printed rings completely. However, the silicone molds were not used, because they had not cured properly and were both “juicy” and hard, at the same time.  The silly putty-esque mold that I had covered the rings with were too hard to remove the models from that I decided to make them open-faced. When I attempted to make two open-face molds, they did not sit together on top of each other as they should. They just fell off, so I tried to remedy the situation, but should have made entirely new molds, instead of trying to connect two separate molds.  

My learning goal was to learn how to use Epoxy resin as it was an entirely unknown medium. As I had mentioned in my proposal, I have made jewelry before, both wire-wrapped and using melted silver. I enjoyed those forays and wanted to try something new.  

Epoxy resin was a learning curve as I was not sure how it worked. I did watch a few YouTube videos and I read the instructions from the box very carefully. My first examples were really bendy when I pulled them from the molds and I was concerned that I had not gotten the ratios right. It looks like I pulled them too soon and that’s why they were very flexible.  

As for reaching the targets I set for myself, I definitely did better about coming into the lab more often. I found that for my other assignments that I did not have the time to come in the way the assignments needed me to. This is why I gave myself specific days to come into the lab. It kept me accountable and forced me to go, even when I was tired.   However, I still needed to have longer time to work on projects. Like the previous assignments, I felt rushed and that I did not have the amount of time I needed to complete them. For instance, I was still putting finishing touches Wednesday morning. 
I did iterate and included glass in my project, but I should have requested extra time outside of the normal business hours.  

I believe that I became much more comfortable with the tools and software needed in the class. I am not an expert, but I could work any of these in a pinch. I had used a makerspace before and was very interested in learning more of those skills. Unfortunately, I will never be an electrician as the assignment with the copper tape was completely out of my purview. I could not get it to work, even after following the drawings that were given to me. I feel like my favorite assignment was the sewing section. Although I am not the best, it was the most fun that I had this semester and it might be because it is the most practical of the applications we learned.  

 Overall, I still would not call myself a “maker.” While I enjoyed the assignments and I have definitely have spoken positively about the class to my fellow Library and Information Science graduate students, particularly those who are interested in working with youth and teens,  I personally do not see me doing some of these items in the future. It’s most likely because I struggled with having the time and energy to adequately devote to this class. The open hours conflicted with my availability. No matter how much I enjoy something, if I do not have the time to devote to it, I personally believe that I should not use the terminology.   I believe “Makers” are anyone who has the time to devote to creating any type of product. Anyone can be a maker as long as they dedicate time to creation. I just do not have the leisure time necessary to devote to any product creation.