Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Final Project

Question 1:

Over the course of the assignments, I managed to learn a lot about visualization and being able to create something that just starts off as an idea in my head. I actually think that this was very useful because it helped me to utilize my creativity and to test myself to see the kinds of things that I can come up with. I also learned that even though something doesn’t originally turn out like planned, it can still come out to be a cool project.

Question 2:

For my final project, I decided to make a fashion piece. While making the project, I ended up having to start over because of a mishap so that was a bit of a challenge. Additionally, there was a technique that I was doing for the first time called screen printing, so my first attempt wasn’t as crisp as my other attempts. Additionally, I had to cut my second shirt down so the edges are a bit more ragged than I had planned. Other than that, I am really proud of my project. I really enjoyed making the embroidery and choosing the gradient colors for the embroidery. I also enjoyed the colors, font, and shapes that I used for the screen printing.

Original embroidery

Final Project!

In progress

In progress

In progress














Question 3:

For this final project I wanted to not only learn more about different tools, but I really wanted to test my creativity ability. For instance, I was really hoping that I would be able to come up with a design that makes sense and that could come together nicely. Since I never designed a shirt before, I was pretty excited for the task. Additionally, one of my goals was to be able to be knowledgeable in different techniques to make an appealing shirt. For example, one of the programs that I used for my embroidery was PEDesign. After this project, I ended up feeling pretty comfortable with the program and I was able to pull images from the internet and turn them into a nice embroidery. I also learned how to do a gradient pattern thanks to a classmate and so it was fun to try different gradient patterns on the different images. Additionally, I enjoyed using Inkscape as well to change the images when I needed to. For instance, I combined 2 different images of a crown and a lion head to make the center piece. I also edited the sun so that it was be empty in the middle.

Another technique I learned about included screen printing. For instance, I used the vinyl sticker as my cut out so I ended up using Inkscape and Silhouette to cut out my font and shapes. After using the vinyl cutter, I then had to learn how to properly screen print. At first I thought it would be challenging, but after the first try, it ended up not being too bad. During my later tries, I learned to press the fabric paint harder down as I was doing the printing. I also learned to make sure that there was tape absolutely everywhere that I didn’t want paint. I lastly learned to be extremely gentle when removing the screen so that the paint looks a lot cleaner on the shirt.

One technique that I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to accomplish was having LEDs incorporated on my shirt. I managed to sew one on there, but my battery was drained by that point and I was unable to get more on there. If I had more time to do the project, that is something that I would have really liked to use.

Question Four:

After taking this class, I think that we should all consider ourselves makers. I say this because we all used different skills and tools in order to create brand new existing projects. Additionally, I think that Papert’s quote is a pretty good one as it is a lot easier to understand something when you are working with it up close and personal. For instance, I learned a lot more about the machines and the computer programs when I explored them myself as opposed to watching someone else use them. Overall, I think that hands on learning is definitely a great way to explore and understand a concept.