Final Project

  1. Video

  1. Challenges I faced – I wish that I found more of this blue acrylic. I looked in several stores to find blue translucent, but could not. And the fab lab had 1 sheet, which was not enough, so I had to use another color. Also, getting things to look neat (especially the glue underneath the acrylic and the burn marks in the wood).
  2. Most proud of – the way everything actually fits and is intended to be like that.

2. Learning goals

      1. # 1: Become better versed at the laser cutter and wood to control what I’m making instead of just being satisfied with what the machine ends up doing to my piece, which happens more than I would like for it to.
        1. I achieved this, because I was able to control the sizing for the acrylic and make it fight just right between the wood. I also used the templates provided in the tutorial, but some of them were wrong, so I had to tweak it myself to my own size, especially for the size of wood I was using. I learned that the laser cutter is not actually as scary as I thought it was. In the first week of the class when we did laser cutter, I did not like it at all. All the settings were confusing and I didn’t know the difference between raster and vector, and setting up the file seemed confusing and like a lot of steps. But after this project, things seemed pretty streamlined and I enjoyed setting up my file because it gave me that sense of control and confidence I was looking for. 
      2. # 2: Apply my ‘need for perfection’ side to create an art piece. This piece requires all the parts fitting together and that’s what I’m most nervous about. I’m also challenging my time management skills.
        1. I also think I achieved this. I made a timeline for myself. I think the biggest thing that helped LOL was that that I accidentally thought that this was due on Tuesday in class, which was a whole week before it was actually due. So, I put in a lot of time last weekend and finished it. The best part was that once I cut all the pieces, putting them together was a nice little break in my day – it was peaceful and I enjoyed using my hands to create something pretty. And, the parts do fit together so I think that I did achieve this goal as well.
  • Most significant thing you have learned over the course of these assignments – I think I learned that I am impatient when it comes to creating, and have since gained patience. At the beginning of the course, if something didn’t work, I would just toss it and do something different (instead of troubleshooting and trying to work it out). I think that changed when we did Arduinos, mostly because I couldn’t just scrap it. I was forced to sit there and figure out why it wasn’t working and to eventually make it work. I am actually thankful to have picked this up because it’s a life skill that helps me to not give up so easily and try to work around problems creatively and logically. 
  • Has this course spurred you to think about yourself differently? And/or future goals and interests in life? Do you consider yourself a maker? What does that mean to you now that it didn’t at the beginning of the semester? What does it mean to you to call yourself a maker (or not)? Who do you think should call themselves a maker? 
    1. Yes, I am more confident in my abilities as a maker than I was before. I am more self sufficient and able to just google things and watch videos rather than asking for help at every step, which isn’t bad, but I feel less dependent that way. I don’t know if I consider myself a maker, but I definitely like working with my hands and using my creative side to create cute things that bring me happiness in life. 
    2. I think a maker is anyone who simply creates using their hands- using tools they have at their disposal and a guide – either the internet ot a tutorial or some sort of self learning tool. It’s that like raw, prototype, non-industrial creation that makes someone a maker.