Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Final Paper

After reading whole studio assignment write-ups, I could see the development over this semester. All the new materials and machines were quite difficult to me in the beginning of the semester. I took a video of the process of using machines and programs. After I attended to the discussion session, I came to the fab lab almost everyday not to forget what I learned. From the laser name tag assignment to final proposal, all of my write-ups are focused on reflection part. Instead of writing what I made, I wrote what is the process and how did I overcome challenges. Even though there were some difficult tasks like arduino or coding stuff, I enjoyed the process of making.

I made a toy set for kids. The theme of the toy is Harry Potter Magic World. Since I am not a Computer science major, I had difficulties with coding the Arduino. My final goal of Arduino part is to make the light on when the sensor detects the Blue or green light: Harry Potter’s  color of magic light is blue. Despite of less knowledge, I finally figured out how to code to make the LEDs turn on when the sensor detects the blue light. I also change the code to turn on  the deep pink instead of green color. I also used the different type of LED instead of light bulb LED since its light was too weak that I could not see in the dark. For the Harry Potter box, I used the wood shop tool to make a hole.

Before I took this course, I really interested in 3D printing. I thought it is wonderful to create what I imagine. Not only making what we want, but also it is useful in lots of fields. My mother is a dentist and she told me about how 3d printing is also used for implant surgery. I wanted to work comfortable with 3D modeling. So, my first goal was to create my own design instead of using the design which is also made by others. Since I used the battery holder in the fab lab, I had to redesign the wand to insert different type of battery and battery holder. I calculate the size and length of battery holder, wire, and LED. I created the hole inside the wand so that I can insert the LED and the wire. It took a long time to design the wand. I used the scanner to design the outside of the wand and then I used Thinkercad to make a hole inside the wand to insert the battery holder. My second learning goal is to be comfortable with Arduino and coding. When I took first class of introduction to Arduino, I had hard time catching up the class materials. I thought Arduino is the one which is most useful in the daily lives. It was easy to find how to connect the sensor with the breadboard. However, I had to code  to make the pink LED turns on when the sensor detects the sensor. I looked through the examples of other codes. The first trial of coding was kind of failure. In the middle of whole classmates who are majoring  in CS, I had to struggle with coding the system that I want.

After wrapping up INFO 490  this semester, I could say that I am a maker. Seymour Papert’s constructionism is exactly made during this course. His constructionism is that knowledge is something a person build in his head. During the whole semester working for the various projects in Fab lab, I am more comfortable with imagining creatively and envision it: to build something tangible, “something outside your head”. In the beginning of the semester, “maker” is the definition of just producing the results. However, the “maker” to me is more focusing on how I can envision what I thought.