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of dry benzene was added and heating continued at ninety C. The viscous solution thus obtained Was diluted with 50 cc. dry benzene, and the polymer precipitated as white fibers by the addition of dry n-hexane. of charge has a zero-tolerance coverage against unlawful pornography. All models have XNXZ been 18 years of age or older on the time of depiction. The video has been added to your member zone favourites.

Suitable solvent-resistant hose and versatile tubing may be ready by extrusion methods. The following examples are illustrative of the invention and are not meant to be limiting. All parts are by weight until in any other case said. Where analyses are proven, the values in parentheses are the theoretical values.

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The options additionally may be used to spin fibers of the polysilylurea via spinnerettes and volatilizing the solvent. Polysilylureas of Formula IV have molecular weights starting from a thousand to 500,000 or extra. Depending on the substituents which R, R and Z, and m represent, a lot of such polymers will have softening points of around C.

  • Washing the solutions of the polys’ilylurea with Water will elTect basically complete elimination of the triorganosilyl groups.
  • Where the polysilylurea is pretty thick in cross-part, the scission of the triorganosilyl groups by hydrolysis is more fast at the surface than in the matrix of the polysilylurea article.
  • This effects hydrolysis of the triorganosilyl groups to form the corresponding disiloxane with the substitution of a hydrogen atom instead of the triorganosilyl group on a nitrogen atom.

R can be hydrogen or a monovalent hydrocarbon radical the identical as these recited for R. Disclaimer – We have zero tolerance policy against any illegal pornography. All links, movies and pictures are offered by third parties. We haven’t any management over the content material of these sites.

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This must be contrasted with the solubility of the polysilylurea of EX- ample 7 which was soluble in a wide range of solvents, a property which is essential for the formation of high molecular Weight movies and fibers. Example 6 To a mixture of 5.05 grams (0.02 mol) N,N’-bis-p-phenylenediamine and three.20 grams (0.02 mol) para-phenylenediisocyanate was added cc. The reaction combination was heated with stirring at ninety C. After 2 hours at this temperature, the mixture grew to become quite viscous, after which 10 cc.

These films had a tensile power of about 6485 p.s.i. Exposure of the polysilylurea to moist air gave a stable polyurea of recurring units of the method This polyurea, which could possibly be heated at temperatures up to almost 260 C. earlier than any proof of decomposition, was immune to most solvents, although soluble in such solvents as dimethyl formamide. Films and fibers have been helpful as electrical insulation and for prime temperature cloths, respectively, could possibly be forged or spun from solutions of this polyurea in dimethyl formamide. By utilizing the diamine because the hydrolyzing agent, it’s converted immediately right into a disilyl diamine which might then be used to make additional polysilylureas by reaction with the suitable diisocyanate. In addition, when Z with the 2 nitrogens in a cyclic organic radical containing the nitrogen within the ring structure such groupings could be, for instance, the piperazyl radical of the formula the place R is a monovalent hydrocarbon radical similar to those recited for R , and p is a whole quantity from to 4, inclusive.


It must be acknowledged that both the polysilylureas and the polyureas derived therefrom will undoubtedly have a terminal group. Although I don’t wish to be bound by this understanding, nevertheless, it is believed that at least one of the terminal teams, whether it’s a polysilylurea chain or a polyurea chain, is of the formulation Where one valence of the nitrogen is hooked up to the urea chain while the other valence of the nitrogen is glad by either a triorganosilyl group or a hydrogen atom, depending on whether or not one is coping with a polysilylurea or a polyurea.

Washing the solutions of the polys’ilylurea with Water will elTect basically full removal of the triorganosilyl groups. After hydrolysis with the moisture or water-containing environment, the disiloxane is faraway from the polyurea by washing with suitable solvents or by heating at temperatures high enough to volatilize the disiloxane.

Such fillers may be added in quantities ranging, by weight, from zero.1 to 200 parts of filler per elements of polymer. Suitable plasticizers could also be added as could extenders of resins, for instance, cumar, indene, and cumarindene resins. These polyureas have good warmth stability, are infusible, and insoluble in all and to widespread organic solvents. Example 10 The compound N,N-bis-p,p-diaminodiphenyl is ready by forming a suspension of 184 grams of p,p’-diaminodiphenyl in 1.5 liters of dry benzene with 250 grams triethylamine, including 220 grams trimethylchlorosilane, and heating the mixture of elements in the same method as in Example 1. This will yield a composition having the formulation Example 11 as evidenced by the analyses; percent C, sixty six.5 (sixty six.3); percent H, eight.9 (8.9); percent N, 8.5 (eight.three); percent Si, 16.8 (sixteen.6).

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