Drew Zelac – Final Project Proposal

Makerspace Final Project Proposal – Alarm Pillow v2

Tool Areas:

  • Arduino
  • Sewing
  • Possibly 3D printing
  • Soldering

Learning Goals:

  • Learn how to solder, so that the circuit I create will be (relatively) permanent
    • I think this would be a really good skill to learn, especially since I already know how to program. Having this skill would be useful for creating other permanent devices in my future, instead of using a breadboard every time.
  • I want to be creative with this project and create the physical design on my own, rather than using the internet.
    • I have spent four years at this university and my first project was the original alarm pillow. It took 8 weeks, with a team of four, and a $100 budget to create it last time. I want to make a better version that actually works this time, on my own, in three weeks, for a much lower cost. I want to design it all on my own as a test to see how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned in college.

Short Description:

  • I want to create what I call an alarm pillow, which vibrates to wake the user up. This would consist of some insert that goes inside the pillowcase, between the bottom of the pillow and the pillowcase. This insert would be attached to an Arduino with screen and some form of input, in order for the user to set the current time, the alarm time, and turn the alarm on/off.
  • I would need to use an Arduino and code to program the functionality. I would need sewing skills to create the insert. I would need soldering skills to connect the Arduino to the vibration motors that are inside the insert. I may or may not need to 3D print a box around the Arduino and/or around the vibration motors.
  • This extends my learning past what we’ve done so far, since I would be using multiple areas of what we have learned in class, in combination, to create one cohesive device.
  • I may need some support with soldering.

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