Copper Tape – Drew Zelac

For my second part of the lab, which was to create the foldable card with two LEDs, I chose the following quote: “Knowledge is being aware of what you can do. Wisdom is knowing when not to do it.” – Anonymous

The first thing I thought of when I saw this quote was to create a picture on the front of the card that had the image of something bad to do and something good to do and a person considering what they should do. I created two simple circuits on the back and it turned out like this. (Red for bad, green for good)

For the final part of the lab, I chose to do something a bit more complicated. I got the idea for a robot from a friend and just went with it. I found a bunch of things in my recycle bin and decided to make a recycled robot out of them.

I began by putting some of it back together again like the tissue box and by cutting off some parts like in the top of the pringles can (to give it structure on the inside of the tissue box). I then used parts of a paper towel roll for the feet.

The first time I tried a simple circuit in here, the copper tape ripped in too many places and I couldn’t get a current to flow through. So this issue here caused me to have to rip out the circuit and start anew.

Next time I got it and the red light I inserted lit up correctly when the switch was pressed down. I then cut out a heart with the Silhouette cutter using cardstock and put that in front of the LED light to give my robot a heart.

Next came the head with the parallel circuit for the green lights in the eyes. I had an easier time with this one. I placed the leds in the wrong direction, but quickly realized this and corrected it. I did have to ask a friend for help to see exactly how the parallel circuit was set up though.

With the head on, all that was left was attaching it to the body and installing the arms.

And then my Iron Giant (with night vision goggles) was born!

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