Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Copper Tape Circuit Origami – Eric Hallstrom

I was inspired by the quotes we got in at the lecture, it was actually helpful in order to start designing. I started of with the quote for the first project. For the second part I was developing the idea that Facebook owns and got ton of data about us. I wanted to make 3D origami for the last part. I was thinking, how hard can it really be with origami (never done it before) but gosh I was wrong, It’s really hard! It was fun to play with circuits and copper teip really brings electronic down to the most basic thing ever, just flow in current.


The best way to explain this to a peer is to just try it out and play with it, eventually one will figure out how it works even if the lights are a bit sketchy and not 100 % perfect. The biggest failure during this project was that I underestimated origami. You need to be very patient and put a lot of time into details. Both time and patient was something that I lacked for this project. I think the knowledge of paper circuits is extremely good to explain how electronic actually work for people who don’t know. So in a broader sense this project was really important and I will hopefully get to use this to show how most of our society works in terms of technology. I’ve never done this kind of paper circuits. The only circuits I’ve done is with Aurdino. This project really removes the magic of currency flow that arduino kinda hides. It would be cool to have more components to the paper circuit and like measure currency in the circuit or something.

To do origami. I mean, I wanted to do a chest at first and I found a tutorial on how to do it. But it quite fast turned out that this was not a good thing for a first time origami project. If I had more time I would put more time into origami and the details of it. I would also get decent paper because when I was trying to do the chest I think my paper ripped aparat like 4 times so I had to start over each time. The most insirpiring thing was the origami community. The stuff that you can make out of paper is awesome to see and most of the stuff was really mind blowing, like the 3D origami where they put tons of small modules into one.


I got really great help from the assistances at the fablab and also Youtube was a big help.

To point that made this project completed was when my origami chest ripped apart for the 4th time and I had to decide that this was way over my head and I had to go for something simpler. The biggest mistake was to underestimate origami and how hard it actually could be. My goals for this project kinda failed because of the difficulties and limitations of time I had for the last part. Initially I wanted to make a treasure chest that had LEDs inside so when you opened the chest, it would glove but that didn’t really happen.


The only thing that went fine in this project was the technical part of the circuits, it was no problem to make serial- or parallel circuits but the funny thing is that this doesn’t matter because the end product turned out really bad. The three unexpected things that happened during this project was that origami is really hard, or at least I suck at it. Copper teip actually is cool and works really well. And utilizing the given reflection questions is also actually good.


The big moment in this project was that when I realized my origami skills is not going to make it for now so I had to switch to a simpler design. I had to give up for the initial design idea I had in mind. This made me switch to a less complicated idea. The most frustrating part was that the paper I used, was way to thin because it ripped apart several times.