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Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Copper Tape Circuit Origami- Edbert Linardi

This week project is about creating a LED Circuit based on paperboard. For the first two in-class assignment, we made two basic boards. The first one has no images. On the second boards, I picked a quote and drew a simple cartoon based on the quote.


The quote is saying “The only whole heart is a broken one because it lets the light in.” – David J. Wolpe

Based on this quote, I was inspired to draw a couple with broken heart between them. Then, I put the LED on the heart. Besides, I wrote “Let the light in”, and used it as a switch to turn the light on.

For the third assignment, we created a 3D objects with LEDs on it. My original idea was to make a heart shaped origami, since the Valentine’s Day is coming soon. However, I failed since the paper was too thick, while the heart origami requires a lot of bending. Therefore, I needed to get another idea. I chose to make a origami bird. I followed the tutorial on I personally do not do origami at home, since I’m not an artsy person. However, I want to make a origami circuit because I was inspired by a short movie on Youtube.

The process of making the origami bird was not quite difficult, but also not that easy at the same time. I was able to follow the steps by making some corrections. Initially, I made a paper-bird that was too small.

It was difficult to put LED on this mini bird. Besides, it will look  not that nice.

Then, I made another bird. This time, I picked a larger paper.

Some pitfalls that others can avoid while making origami was not folding the paper carefully. Origami requires a lot of attention to detail. If it was not folded carefully, there will be some gaps between the folds.


After done folding the paper, I drew the circuit. It was not too tidy since I only used it for guidelines for sticking the copper tape.

I chose to put the LEDs on the bird’s eyes.

Initially, the orange LED that I chose cannot be turned on. I had to change the LED to the pink one.

I put the switch on the body, so when the body or wings are touched, the eyes will be shining.

This is the final product.

Finally, there are lots of things that I still need to learn to create a better LED-origami. I think the circuit design was nice. However, the problem is on the origami itself. My foldings were not really tidy. Besides, I believe I need to use a real origami paper for a better result. Using an ordinary paper will not be enough to make a pretty origami bird.

Something that I like about my origami bird was it has pinky eyes shining brightly when it’s touched.