Okay! So I don’t know why but I really struggled on this one. I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how to get my circuit to work on just a flat piece of paper. And I think the problem was that I was only using one battery for 2 red lights, and so after a ton of experimenting and a little help from a friend, I finally got the correct layout.

My original plan was to have lightning bugs as 2 of my lights, but I couldn’t think of what the 3rd light might be, or what kind of saying to include, so I changed to bees instead.

I really like flowers, so I wanted to incorporate some of those as well, which you’ll see later as the third light (the orange one) and the background as well.

Getting started, I made 3 folds so that the flower could be in the middle, a bit taller, and the bumblebees could flank it.

I chose a heavy blue cardstock because I thought it would support the weight of the two batteries I was going to need.

Next I traced out the length of the copper tape, and begun carefully adding it along.

Making sure to use the technique shown in class, to turn corners.

I used a full size strip of tape for the majority of the circuit, so that the electricity didn’t have any problems running around. When I made this layout, I originally planned to have one battery on either side of the circuit, that when pushed atop each other would complete the circuit. In this picture you can see the strips that I left clear so that I could put half strips running down the folds that would extend when the card was opened. These were going to be half-sized to assure that they wouldn’t touch each other.

Here it is with the half strips added, waiting to be attached to the LEDs.

I cut out some thinner cardstock for the bottom of the card, that would cover the copper wire and the batteries.

Above is a photo once the top of the card was added. This daisy patterned paper is actually where I got most of my card inspiration from!

With both top and bottom papers, I was careful to cut around the folds.

I guess I didn’t take a photo once I’d attached the LEDs, but here they are attached negative to positive up and down the three folds. Also shown in this picture are the shapes I created by hand 🙂

Later, I decorated the 3 elements, all meant to be easily taken on and off. I also came up with this cute little phrase, so that the card can be given to anyone on any occasion, just to brighten their day.

This is also when I decided to change the format of my switch. Instead of having the batteries have to be flipped on top of each other, I changed my switch so that pushing the button down would complete the circuit.

In this picture you can kind of see that there is copper wire on the top strip of paper. Paper folded accordion style on both sides, assures that the copper wire won’t constantly be in contact with the batteries, but can easily be lowered atop.

Here’s the completed product! Sorry about the chipped nails 🙂