Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Copper Tape Card Assignment

Before beginning your project:

The third project is to make the copper tape 3d card. My lab section is 2/13 and the next day is the valentine day. I wanted to make a 3d pop-up card for valentine day that I could give to my boyfriend. The topic of my copper 3d card is love and heart. Instead of just making 3d card by cutting the background paper and sticking the 2d picture, I wanted to make a 3d card by sticking the 3 dimension paper on the card. I have all the tools that I need to make 3d card. I wanted to use pink light and green lights and there were these color-light bulb. I have the knowledge of the circuit. However, It was quite difficult to design the new circuit for my own card. I was so excited to make it. I often make the card for my family or friend’s birthday. I think it is really cool because I could use the light. One thing I worried about was that if the circuit does not work. Since the 3d heart might take a long time to make it, I would be depressed when I have to make 3d heart again because of all settings  for circuit do not work after I stick all together.


While working on your project:

I saw multiple LEDs parallel circuit video to make sure I am doing in the right direction. This video might help other peers to design their own circuits. Since my card tried to avoid displaying the copper tape at the outside, I should check before I stick the two layers of paper. If you do not check whether the light turns on before sticking the two papers, you should start all over again. Instead of put the LEDs on the background page, I put my LED and circuit on the bottom and made a hole for LED; so that other people could only see the LED lights shining right below the 3d heart. I also put two green LEDs in the corner so that it seems like there is a light from the cupid’s arrow. One thing I should be carefully when I work on green LEDs is that I should make the top layer not touch the part of circuit. For the green LEDs, I used parallel for making the light as bright as only one LED. As I mentioned above, I usually do stuff like this at home. It was worthy of making my own card to precious people because it seems more heartfelt gift.

After finishing your project:

I think I need to be more flexible to design the multiple LEDs circuit. I separate the two buttons for two LEDS to turn on. If I had more time, I would make more fancy design card. Since I had so many works this week, I could not fully engage in the copper card making. For this assignment, I do it all by myself. I am proud of myself:) I decided to finish my project because of the time. My goal was to make 3d cards with three LEDs and the design of cupid and heart. My final product my goal and I am satisfy with the card design. My card works for all three LEDs. One thing I had a change in my final product is that I added “LIKE” with the copper tape for design and also added the heart arrow in the background. Describe a “big moment” that moved your project forward. At Sunday dinner, I was doubted I could finish this project with my goal met. It was so difficult to make 3d heart and make it stand. Also, I took long time to consider the design of the multiple LEDs circuit. After I finished making the 3d heart, then I started to make the 3d card delightly having the self-confidence. Unlike the previous assignments, this project took more time. I was often frustrated to make the 3d heart and struggle with not-working-LEDS. Sticking small parts of heart and arrow together was so frustrated because of my shaking hands. Although, it was tough time to finish in a week, all the process was fun. I have a fun time because I made what I want to make.


These are photos of final product.