Make, Design, and Learn in Libraries - IS 582

Project Showcase

Charlotte’s First Sweater

Fall 2020

With this project, I really wanted to hone my knitting skills and challenge myself. I had only ever knitted a few bad scarves and an uneven blanket before, just using the basic stitch. The first and probably the biggest hurdle was getting started. Using a pattern was new to me, and I had to look up how to read every step, since knitting jargon is mostly made up of abbreviations. Once I got started, it wasn’t actually all that difficult to do, but each mistake I made was incredibly frustrating as I did not have a knitting expert to help me.

Finishing the sweater was a very satisfying experience and I am quite proud of myself for achieving my goal. In addition to the technical skills I’ve gained, I learned that making is often an emotional process. It involves frustration, excitement, pride, anxiety, and a whole host of other feelings. I also learned that making is best when shared. I loved sharing my project in our in-class Maker Showcase, and I’m already planning on creating several knitted gifts for friends.