Charis Ryu 3D Printing

Alien/Alien Castle (Tinkercad, Meshmixer)

The image on the left is the alien castle I created with Tinkercad and Meshmixer. I imagined the castle having a very simple design with the ring floating around the pole, which could be a signal machine for them to interact and communicate with other aliens. The right image is what I thought alien would look like. 


4 Prototypes


I created paper prototypes for the 4 prompts given. I chose to design the actual 3D models of the dishware and art piece prompts. The image of the dishware is a multipurpose/functional pot that could be used as a cup, a bowl, a plate, a pot, and a pan. The handles, bottom plates, and the lid can be attached/detached to serve the user’s need and purpose. The second 3D prototype I made was an alteration of Louise Bourgeois’s Le Lit Gros Edredon. I created the prototype and the final 3D printed version as below. 


Final Product & Face Scan

This is the original 3D model I created with Tinkercad. I created the bed frame and used 3D cloud models to create a mattress/blanket of clouds as clouds make me feel comfortable. Then, the lo-fi version of myself is lying on the cloud bed. 

During our lab session last week, we got a chance to scan our own faces. I used this 3D model of myself in the previous 3D prototype. The final prototype looked as below.

The pink part of the model is my face. I included myself and a 3D model of a cat in order to create more personality and individuality to the piece. While the original piece had two lovers in bed together, I had my cat and myself to represent mental peace and comfortable atmosphere, which was further enhanced by the clouds. 

These are the 3D printed result of my prototype. It took around 7-8 hours. I then spray-painted it with the primer in order to paint the model with nail polish. 

The outcome! I painted the model with the combinations of blue, yellow, white, brown nail polishes. It’s hard to see in the picture I took, but I also used glitter on myself, to represent the delight and peace I’m having in this art piece. 


Final Thoughts

It was pain in the ass to get rid of all the supports as there were so many. I couldn’t completely remove them from the model, so unfortunately some parts look a bit messy. Next time, I would like to create a design that doesn’t need as many supports. Although it took 7-8 hours, it was a very fun experience, it was surprising to see how accurate the 3D printer can print the model.