Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Vinyl Sticker

For the vinyl assignment, I’ve tried various techniques. Started with the one in class, simply merging two graphics into a hybrid one. I picked a tiny dragon and a skull for their simple and curvy outlines. Thought it would be cool to have that dragon grow out of the skull.

The end result looks nice and I have put that onto my water bottle.

For the logo sticker, I picked a logo of Star Wars theme. It has three different colours, so that I can exercise my taste of layering vinyl print.

This one took me quite some time in the lab. For a 4 -by-4 print, the letters were really tricky at the time. The hollow areas in letters like ‘P’ was painful. Also, i found that the glossy white vinyl is much harder and thicker the the rest, and the printer was not very well adapted to it. I tried printing it with default setting twice, no way to get it off. Then tried change the blade to 2, instead of 1. Finally made it off the back. Looks not too bad though.

For the final sticker, I picked this owl. Reminds me of DuoLingo. The process in InkSpace was not as smooth as it was for the previous one. Took lots of time manually fixing the outlines. Finalized to a seven layer design with each dedicated to a colour. With practices from the Darth Vader, the assembly took less time and the finish was quite cute.

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Vinyl Sticker – Nicholas Agate

For my griffin sticker, I decided to make a cross between a lion and a deer. I joined the two at the middle (like Catdog) and cut the griffin out of orange vinyl. Please see the griffin sticker below.

Following the griffin sticker, I created a logo sticker from a brewing company. This sticker was more difficult to pull off because it had very narrow cuts that were flimsy and hard to work with. I used a base layer of white vinyl, a layer of blue vinyl, and then a red layer that was placed on top of the blue layer. Please see the logo sticker below.

Now I will explain my process of making the complex multi-layered sticker. I first thought of making a design on a guitar pick, but after a while I decided to make a sticker that would remind me of the trips that my family takes to Canada. Please see my brainstorm sketches below.

Once I had my design planned, I began to layer all of the images that I wanted to include in Inkscape. The mountain, chair, and table were all images that I cropped and brought into Inkscape, and the rest were shapes that I generated. In total, there are six layers and seven objects. Please see an Inkscape screenshot of all of the objects below.

Cutting each piece of vinyl was straightforward enough, and I applied transfer tape to each piece in order to assemble my sticker at home. One issue that I encountered was the formation of bubbles under my blue sky layer. I fixed this by pushing each bubble out with my debit card. Once that was fixed, I did not encounter any other issues while piecing together my sticker.

I had a lot of fun making this sticker, and the only thing that I would change for another one is the size. I would take my instructor’s advice and create a larger sticker. However, I am happy with the way my sticker looks on my laptop. Please see a picture with the bubbles and my final sticker below.

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Sticker Project

Patrick Hurtado

Griffin Sticker

For the Griffin Sticker, I chose to a cross between a rabbit and a fish, two animals unlikely to be friends in the wild:

Simple Multi-Layered Sticker

For the simple multi-layered sticker, I chose to do the logo for Raspberry Pi. It’s a relatively simple logo, with three defined colors, so I figured that the sticker would come out nicely:

I chose to use the green as the foundation of the sticker, and have holes throughout all the layers in order for it to come out. The red will predominantly come out in the holes of the top black layer, as shown:

Complex Multi-Layered Sticker

My complex sticker was designed around the theme of Chicago. The colors were derived from the flag of Chicago, with Cloud Gate replacing the red stars and the Sears Tower shooting up from the bottom of the heart.

There are a total of four layers that construct the sticker. From bottom to top:

  1. The blue heart
  2. The white middle stripe
  3. The black Sears Tower
  4. The four red beans

The choice of layers derived from what needed to be aligned and what needed to be on top of another. For example, the Sears Tower needed to be behind the red Beans, and the Beans needed to be on top of the white strip, since they use the white in their design as their “shine”.


Looking back, I wish I factored in needing to center the beans with respect to the rest of the object. Some of the issues with using a red bottom layer, however, was that the Sears Tower needed to be behind the Beans, while still being on top of the stripe. This, however, never ended up being an issue, since the beans were misaligned from the original design to begin with. The Sears Tower itself is also slightly misaligned from the center of the heart, thus leading to a small sliver of blue showing at the bottom of the Tower.

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Griffin Part Two: Now with Cannons!


This weeks design task was to create an multilayered (minimum 4 layers) sticker of original design. This is not my first time using the silhouette cutter so there were not any issues regarding interacting with the technology. Issues with this task arose from the art/creativity side and will be explained late in the post.

Design Planning

The bulk of this assignment was spent in this planning phase. Starting out, I had a couple ideas but none I really liked. Most of them were simple, cut a logo in half, splice it into another one, made for a decent cop-out.

I have an affinity for taking dumb ideas and running with them, thus the Cannon Tangler! The Cannon Tangler is a Turtle with an Angler’s head and tail as well as tank cannons on its back. While this may just be a stupid design I actually had to actively think about certain aspects of the sticker that I would not have had to worry about had I went with one of my cop-outs. One such aspect was a sense of depth. the grey backing shown in Pic. 1 was made to be a consistent backing for the whole sticker as well as providing a base for one of the back cannons. In the final product (Pic. 2) you can see that I was able to achieve that sense of depth by making it seem that the Tangler has one cannon on each side of its shell. Finally, the grey backing supplied a stable base that made the sticker, well, stick better as a whole. Had I not had the backing, the back cannon would most likely not stick to the whole Tangler when peeling off the backing.

Pic. 1 Tangler Genesis. The Tangler gets its significant backing

Pic. 2 Tangler Revelation. Finished Tangler with green skin, brown spacers and, two cannons.

I do not have any pictures of the building process but in short it was mostly just connecting nodes, similar to that of the griffin lesson. However, getting the lines to fit the scraps properly was a bit of a pain. I just had to move around the red trace lines around a bit.

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Multilayered Sticker

Optionally titled: “Shaoyie this is why people dont make stickers with millions of tiny fiddly parts.”

(Apologies for informality, I’m a little sleep deprived.)

So this is the finished product!

everyone press f for the whale, who was meant to be part of the sticker but i messed up tragically with him, and then didnt have the heart to take him out.

Sources first: This quote (and the bear character, named Angus) are from a game called Night In The Woods, which I’m pretty fond of. … without context I realize this quote might seem a little depressing but I promise in context its a pretty heartwarming conversation about human nature and etc. That is also where the whale comes from, although I failed to use him properly.

This was not the original design/idea I was going to go with; I was originally gonna do a cleaner, less fiddly design where I just mashed together some of my favorite video game logos, but logos are pretty well designed and mashing them together kind of felt like sacrilege. So I went for this route instead.

Layers come from Angus’s face, and the lettering. The lettering ended up being very problematic- I intended to use the actual letters, not the cutouts, but they were just…. way too tiny and got all messed up so eventually i gave up and just used the cutout, manually cutting out some weird polygonish shapes. Turned out okay, especially given that they were manually cut and I was using a multitool. and am very bad at cutting straight lines.

i was working on this in an empty lecture hall and i only now realize how strange it must have looked to the person who came in and then promptly left.
ft. my multitool with its tweezers that came in real handy here.

Lessons learned: do not use little fiddly shapes like letters or fine tracing (like the whale) unless you are willing to spend inordinate amounts of time adjusting and arranging and working with very very tiny pieces of sticker. That was probably supposed to be self evident, but. oops.

Last note: I guess theoretically the little circles coming off of the thought bubble aren’t physically attached to the main sticker, but they are meant to be. Emotionally.

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Jacob Pruiett Vinyl Sticker

During the lab section I created two stickers, one was a fusion between an
alligator and a gorilla (A Gorillagator or an Allilla, your choice), and the other was the superman logo.

As for my main sticker project, I decided I wanted to do an alien abduction, but didn’t want to be cliche and have it abducting just a single person or a cow, so I have it abducting an entire house instead. I didn’t use any originally existing logos, because I thought that would be boring, so none needed to be modified.

I then prepared for moving to the cutter by separating the layers into constituent parts.

Next I chose the vinyl I would use to actually cut out my sticker. Unfortunately there weren’t any black pieces large enough to serve as the back piece, so I instead used a dark gray and used a silver for the saucer to make it stand out more.

Vinyl all lined up to be cut!

Here’s what it all the layers looked like after being cut out, but pre-assembly and in the order of layers from left to right:

I chopped off excess vinyl so as to reduce waste, if you’re wondering about the size change.

And here is the final product after assembly!

I was satisfied with the results of my project, but would change a few things. For example, the brown on my sticker is very dark, and can be hard to differentiate from the dark grey layer below it. In addition, it was difficult aligning some of the smaller pieces with areas I had lain out for them, and so the sticker isn’t perfect. But overall it was a fun experience, and I enjoyed the process a lot!

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Storyboarding Assignment

For this project my group decided to create a design for an innovative studying tool. This study tool would use a fake skeleton, and the touch screen spray that was discussed in class to allow students to touch a part of the body and learn what it was and how it works. This would benefit visual and tactile learners. The setting as shown is med school or other teaching environment’s, there is a sequence of how it would be designed, and satisfaction for the student studying.

First draft from class
Final draft
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Vinyl Sticker Assignment

For this project I began by making my griffin sticker in class. Using Inkscape I combined an opossum and a bunny. We ran out of time in class to make our logo designs so I didn’t end up physically making one. I felt like I understood what I was doing in class on Inkscape, but then when I started working on drawing my own using Inkscape I encountered some difficulties.

When I came to open hours I started by using Inkscape and making most of the shapes on my own, however I could not draw the eyelashes so I tried to use an existing image and bitmap it but when I tried to remove parts of it using shapes and the methods we had used in class it wasn’t working. I struggled with this for an hour and asked someone for help but they weren’t sure what the issue was and eventually I tried to approach my project in a different way.

So then, instead of using Inkscape I designed it myself using silhouette. This worked for the most part except I couldn’t draw eyelashes on there. I also was able to cut everything once using one sheet with different vinyl rather than sending multiple designs one at a time. The only problem with this was that some of the vinyl was glossy and the black was matte so I just had to be careful removing it.

This gave me a final project with 4 layers in 3 different colors that I’m still happy with but I really would have liked to have had eyelashes and hopefully will become better at using and understanding Inkscape.


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Vinyl Sticker Assignment

In class, I worked on two stickers that aided me in making my final sticker by teaching me about how to group and ungroup objects, visualize different layers and use transfer tape to create the final product. My inspiration for the first sticker, the Shark-Elephant, came from thinking of how I could combine two completely different creatures to create a comical “griffin” type animal.

Here I created a “Shark-Elephant”

In my second sticker, I chose a picture of a Yellow Labrador Retriever and quickly found out how difficult I made my life by working with a picture that had a lot of small pieces and thin vector lines. I struggled with the eyes, eyebrows, and tail because it was difficult to keep all of the pieces together. My inspiration for creating a dog as my second sticker came from my two Yellow Labs at home. As I worked on this project, I was challenged with printing issues and the intricacies of putting the sticker together and lining it up properly. You can see how I accidentally cut off part of the tail with tweezers during the weeding process, but the main image of the dog has kept its shape.

My vector image of the Yellow Lab

My final sticker was inspired by the Patagonia logo and my passion for the outdoors. I wanted to create something that was personal, combined multiple layers and challenged me with some small pieces, so the colors above the mountain, my name, and the red stripe took a while to get right. I tried my best to keep the small dots in the “e” and “g” of my name, but I couldn’t get the transfer tape to pick them up properly. Overall, I’m happy with my stickers because it took me over three and a half hours to make them, they challenged me and they turned out almost perfect. The small imperfections make them personal, and next time I make multi-layered stickers, I’ll be able to create beautiful pieces of work.

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Multi Layer Sticker

I created the Dog Bird and Spiderman logo during the lab section as we were introduced to making multi layered stickers

For the assignment, I started off from an icon of a person with headphones on. I decided to add sound waves to represent the music being played, and put everything inside a bubble, as listening to music can put people in their own world.

I decided to put a base layer of light gray as a simple circle. The blue bubble was added on top, then the person, then the sound wave, then the headphones.

Everything worked out fine until the cutting. For some reason, the vinyl cutter was offset an inch to the right, and therefore the two large circles did not get cut out properly. The yellow sound wave was small enough that it wasn’t affected by the offset. Consequently, I had to re print the two circle shaped stickers by simply putting them an inch to the right on the board.

Also, I had designed the sticker such that the sound wave would be covered by the headphones, but the cutting process made the sound wave smaller. However, I am still satisfied by the final product.

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Juxtaposition of my dog and chinchilla

These first two I made in class. I combined a dog and a chinchilla to make the blue silhouette sticker. I love dogs and have always wanted a chinchilla so I easily knew what two animals I wanted to do. Then during class I made the multiple layered bee. I decided to use a gold color instead of the normal yellow because I am not a fan of yellow.

Design on my laptop

These were the three designs I made on my computer to print out. The first two were somethings that I thought were very cute and loved looking at. The last one was the one I liked the most. I decided to not print the TV out because it had a lot of small lines and objects I did not think would print out correctly. I definitely will adjust it in the future and print it out. I decided to with the bear design to print out. It did not go well to say the least. I did not allow enough time to make it properly and I did not have to correct colors I wanted for it.

Final product

Many things went wrong when I made this. First I did not trace all my colors correctly on the computer. There were supposed to be four colors but it did not work out that way when I traced it.

I made the mistake of not locking in place the mat so the cuts were wrong. Which lead to the design above. There also was no brown vinyl so I made the bear purple.

Next time when I have more time I will most definitely take more time to make it look better. Also making sure I know how to use the machines is something I need to focus more on. Overall, I am happy that I at least have something to show but definitely not that pleased with this final product.

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