What does it cost to operate the CUCFL?

Q: What does it cost to operate the CUCFL?

A: Our Fab Lab is primarily volunteer-run, which means our budget is unusual. As a component of the public engagement arm of the University of Illinois we run under a kind of non-profit model, operating mainly on grants, gifts, funds from collaborations and earnings from workshops and materials sales. There are no membership fees of any kind, though specific site labs may require other criteria (teens only at the library, Tap In Academy scholars in the school system, etc...). For a specific estimate on our current operational costs come in to visit us and ask.

Some (very) rough estimates:

Equipment value - 50k +
2 quarter time student workers - 12k  / year
Facility - Unknown (paid for by University)
Materials/Upkeep - 3k / year
Core volunteer value - likely around 200k / year or more