Business/Operations Committee Meeting Announcement

Business/Operations Committee Meeting -  Draft Agenda
August 2, 2012 7:30 PM

Meeting at the CUC fab lab conference room expected to last no more than an hour, with discussions on any of the given agenda items  between 10 and 15 minutes duration.  All are welcome!

1) Hours

Fall Hours for the upcoming semester could revert to Tuesday & Thursday 5-9 PM, and Sunday 12-6 PM, or by special arrangement

2) Fab Lab Stewardship

Discuss strategies to identify volunteers who oversee laser cutter operation.  It has been suggested that a vest be worn by a volunteer during times which s/he would be responsible for efficient laser cutter operation.

3) Inventory

Discuss improvements to requisition and tracking of inventory items from the storeroom

4) Fab Off

The Second Annual event is expected to be held on October 14th

5) Fab 8

Papers may be submitted for this conference

6) Other business