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Black Acrylic Name Tag


I made a circular name tag with my name on the bottom with one of my favorite fonts, two cocktails with the drinks, inner part of the glasses, cut out, and a moon engraved on the black acrylic. Below is my design.


I used different shapes of gray to engrave the moon, table, and tiny details (such as olives, pineapple, cocktail glasses). I used the red stroke for all the cutting parts such as the inner area of the glasses and the name tag itself. I wanted to cut out the inner parts for aesthetics, so that any background it’s in can look like drinks in the glasses, like the photos on the top of the post or below.



One mistake I made was making the straw too thin, which broke while removing the inner piece of the tall cocktail glass. I had to use a super glue to stick it back. The pineapple, small triangle on the left glass, was originally cut out, but I glued it back due to personal preference. 

Using black acrylic as the material was very fun, although the speed was very slow and felt like it took forever to finish cutting/engraving. Though completing this assignment, I learned about and understood the difference among different materials and their unique characteristics while using the laser cutter.




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