Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Final Project – BB8

Project Reflection

1) I have learnt that I am much more comfortable with coding now than I used to be before. I am also much more comfortable with asking for help for my projects now: I’ve learnt that there is no shame in wanting to learn more and the staff at the FabLab as well as my peers are very happy to help me with the work! I am also pleasantly surprised that I enjoy circuitry and hardware as much as I did for my assignments. I am also much more confident with using various tools such as Inkscape and TinkerCAD and talking about my projects as well as the helping my peers with suggestions and helpful critiques.

2) I created a BB-8esque robot using everyday and easily available items for my final project. I believe the most challenging part of this project was actually getting the robot to move in the way I wanted it to as well as figuring out the strength of the magnets I used in a way that was beneficial to me.


3) My first learning goal was to explore the capabilities of an Arduino in more depth. I did attempt to learn several newer techniques to successfully use an Arduino in my project, but the cost of all the parts to make the project would have been significant. Therefore, I decided to pivot and use something else to make my project. So even though I didn’t get to work on my learning goal as much as I would have liked, I learnt how to find an alternative method to build my project which I believe is a very important skill.

My other learning goal was to create something complicated so that I could learn how to combine different parts into something more. I believe I did achieve my goal as I was successfully able to build my project and make it work, which I believe is a pretty big achievement.

4) I think people who create things be it professionally or as a hobby, should be called makers. I consider myself a maker since I created various projects using elementary as well as intermediate techniques. I do believe that it is appropriate for people to call themselves makers as they are essentially taking separate objects and using their knowledge to create or make something unique. For me, the hands-on nature of this class made making fun as well as more meaningful. Another aspect about being a maker than I learnt is very important is brainstorming with the community as a whole. Makerspace is a place where you can find people to work with you and help you with your projects. I believe by actually making things, I am more enabled to help other people due to the things that I learnt.