Drew Zelac – Final Project Proposal

Makerspace Final Project Proposal – Alarm Pillow v2 Tool Areas: Arduino Sewing Possibly 3D printing Soldering Learning Goals: Learn how to solder, so that the circuit I create will be (relatively) permanent I think this would be a really good skill to learn, especially since I already know how to program. Having this skill would […]

Drew Zelac – Arduino2

My initial thought was to create an AT-AT walker from Star Wars. The idea was to build it with an upper rectangular structure and four motors with popsicle sticks attached to act as the legs. The movement would be as follows: front left, back left, front right, back right. This came from the actual movement […]

Drew Zelac – Arduino Intro

I already had a couple Arduino Unos and sensors lying around my apartment from an IoT class my apartment-mates and I are taking this semester and from a demo I participated in a couple years ago. I first decided to just go simple and use an ultrasound distance sensor with a multi-colored LED, but then […]

Sewing – Drew Zelac

I had only done a little bit of sewing before this project cycle, so it was fun learning how to use a sewing machine again and learning some new ways to hand sew in this lab. The first thing I did, besides the practice piece during lab, was the small bag. This really helped me […]

3D Printing – Drew Zelac

During class for the castle and alien projects, I created the following: I decided to make a structurally sound castle with the round corner towers and adjoining walls. I also have a central tower with a giant skull on top to be intimidating to both the residents and outsiders of the castle. The alien that […]

Copper Tape – Drew Zelac

For my second part of the lab, which was to create the foldable card with two LEDs, I chose the following quote: “Knowledge is being aware of what you can do. Wisdom is knowing when not to do it.” – Anonymous The first thing I thought of when I saw this quote was to create […]

Stickers – Drew Zelac

Griffin: For my Griffin part of the lab, I decided to start with a silhouette of a bear and a fish, to try to combine them. I was first thinking of just putting a fish back fin/tail on the bear, but I thought it would be nice to combine more of the fish with the […]

Nametag: Drew Zelac

In the beginning … there was an idea. In the end … there was a very different idea. Before I began my design in Inkscape, I spent some time coming up with my two ideas. The first idea consisted of a bike with a tennis ball as one of the wheels and a wide tennis […]